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Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) was founded on April 29, 1997 by Mr Tran Ba Duong, who is Chairman at present. The corporation’s main operation office is located in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2. THACO has a total of about 20,000 staff members.

After more than two decades of development, THACO has become a multi-industry group, of which Mechanics and Automotive are the 2 main businesses. The group also operate in other businesses that support each other to create synergy values and improve overall competitiveness including Agriculture, Construction & Investment, Logistics, and Commerce & Service.

As one of the leading and largest automakers in Vietnam, THACO has an A-to-Z value chain ranging from product R&D, auto parts manufacturing to auto assembly, logistics, distribution and retail. The company is now offering a wide range of products: trucks, buses, passenger cars, and special-purpose vehicles from mid-range to luxury segments which have successively earned high sales and market shares in the domestic market over the years.

Thaco Chu Lai Mechanical and Automotive Industrial Park in the central province of Quang Nam is considered the largest hub of automotive manufacturing and supporting industries in Vietnam. It is home to 32 companies and units, including automotive assembly plants, automotive parts factories and mechanical complexes, Chu Lai port and logistics units, road transport and shipping companies, construction & investment companies, THACO College and other support units.

In agriculture, THACO has established THADI Company which operates in 5 main agricultural production areas: fruit trees, cereal, forestry, livestock & agricultural materials. THADI plans to make investments in farms, fruit trees and forest trees in Vietnam and Cambodia, supply agricultural materials and product-based farming machines, provide solutions of mechanization, renewable energy, digital technical application, and industrial management solutions in agriculture.

In construction and investment, THACO implements Public Private Partnership transportation projects, industrial parks, new urban areas and complexes.

THACO offers logistics services including port services, shipping, trucking, warehousing that meet diverse business needs in Chu Lai and central Vietnam - Central Highlands. We are also opening international shipping routes from Chu Lai to other regional countries, and build Chu Lai Port into a deep-water port to receive vessels of up to 50,000 DWTs. Besides, we also have agricultural logistics services such as fruits and agricultural materials transportation by refrigerated trucks, cold storages, refrigerated container yards ...

In commerce and service, THACO has different business models such as convention centers, supermarkets, food courts, entertainment centers, and other services like car rental, security, cleaning, domestic services, caring for trees ...

THACO is committed to creating values for customers and the society, and developing our manpower in line with the Group's long-term development strategy.

We are determined to maintain our leading position as an automaker, expand our business in ASEAN markets, strengthen our international cooperation to bring home new technologies and increase the localization ratios, participate in the global value chains, reinforce the foundation to develop into a multi-industry group, and thus improve our competitiveness.

THACO also nurtures a healthy corporate environment. At its essence, THACO's culture encompasses the business philosophy "Delivering values to customers, society and making substantial contributions to the country's economy" and the core values: Dedicated - Truthful - Intellectual - Confident - Respectful - Trustworthy - Devoted - Convenient which have been deeply rooted in the group's operations and development.

Regarding CSR, on a yearly basis, THACO proudly sponsors different social community activities in homeland security, social security, traffic, education, culture, arts, health and sports, supports For the Needy funds, and gives away scholarships. 

In addition to the Vietnamese government's recognition of its service, THACO has been named as Best Company in the eyes of Vietnam's Golden Star Award, Vietnam's Brand Award, Vietnam's Strong Brand Award, and so on. 

- HCMC Head Office
Address: Floor 18, Sofic Building, 10 Mai Chi Tho Boulevard, Thu Thiem Ward, District 2, HCMC
Telephone:  (028)39977824 - 25 - 26
- THACO Office in Dong Nai Province
No. 19, 2A Street, Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province
Telephone: 0613891726
- THACO Office in Hanoi
Zone 6, Hanoi Dai Tu Industrial Park, 386 Nguyen Van Linh, Sai Dong, Long Bien, Hanoi
Telephone: 043 875 9314 - Fax: 043 875 8957
- THACO Office in THACO - Chu Lai
Hamlet 4, Tam Hiep Ward, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province
Telephone: 0510.3567.161 - 0510.3567.162 - 0510.3567.163 - Fax: 0510.3565.777