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VND600 billion interchange with cactus symbol is finished in Quang Nam province
12/24/2018 9:56:33 AM
The VND600 billion two-layered interchange with cactus symbol highlights the vitality of the sandy land, making quite a beautiful scenery at the southern gate of Quang Nam.
The overpass, centered by a cactus flower in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone  has a 80-meter wide roundabout on the second floor, stylized with a cactus flower in the middle, creates a beautiful scenery, contributing to the clearance of traffic jams through Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.


On December 16, the two-layered interchange connecting National Highway 1A, North-South Railway, Chu Lai Port and Da Nang-Quang Ngai Expressway inaugurated. The photo below shows the panoramic view of the interchange in Tam Hiep commune, Nui Thanh district (Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Quang Nam Province).


Initially, the project budget approved by the Prime Minister was VND200 billion. However, due to its importance level, THACO Truong Hai has proposed that the Government and the Ministry of Transport increased the scale of the project equal to 100% of its investment capital, VND600 billion and got the approval. The project started on March 10, 2018. Shortly after the inauguration, THACO mobilized dozens of electric taxis to transport central and local leaders to the destination.


The interchange's roundabout on the second floor has a 80 meter diameter, in the middle standing the cactus flower which symbolizes the vitality of Chu Lai.


The overpass will offer more routes to and out of Chu Lai - Truong Hai Automotive Mechanical Complex and Da Nang - Quang Ngai Highway, all directions from the highway and the industrial park across the North-South Railway to Highway 1, Chu Lai port and vice versa.


The roundabout on the ground has a 50 m diameter (at Highway 1), dedicated to the direction on Highway 1 and into Chu Lai port. Attending the annoucement of master plan revisions of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and 15th anniversary of THACO-Chu Lai, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc expressed his delight at the impressive development of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Vietnam's first coastal economic zone.


Pedestrian bridge crossing the North-South Railway has a width of 35 m, connecting Chu Lai - Truong Hai Automotive Mechanical Industrial Park to National Highway 1.


The area below the overpass. A series of reinforced concrete pillars are compared to "giant arms" firmly supporting the upper roundabout.


According to the prime minister, 15 years ago, Chu Lai was white sandy and scorching place with 4 nos - no infrastructure, no human resources, no investors and no market. After 15 years, this place has become a large-scale economic zone, industrial park, and big urban area with more than 100 projects, bringing great value, including the "steering wheel" Truong Hai Corporation (THACO).


THACO Truong Hai's management office looking from the two-layered overpass. The Prime Minister noted, THACO - Chu Lai is a model of cooperation between Vietnam and foreign enterprises, an issue that the Government is paying much attention to. He added that Chu Lai Open Economic Zone has become an international economic zone with airports, seaports, highways ... that attracts many foreign investors.


According to the Vietnam Expressway Development Investment Corporation (VEC), from December 16, the plan for organizing traffic at Chu Lai interchange (Km82 + 990), Da Nang - Quang Ngai Highway was implemented as approved by the Ministry of Transport.


The route connects from the two-layered interchange to Chu Lai Port. The completed work contributes to the completion of the transport network as planned, meeting the traffic circulation requirements in the area. The project is considered as the highlight, the beautiful landscape of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and the southern part of Quang Nam province, partly promoting the local tourism.


Location of cactus overpass in Tam Hiep commune, Nui Thanh district. Photos: Google Maps.