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THACO kicks off cattle transport services
9/23/2020 3:40:27 PM
In its first-ever livestock transport trip, THACO’s logistics corporation THILOGI on September 2 transported 300 imported Australian cows from THADI’s farms to other districts in Gia Lai province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. THADI is THACO’s agriculture member company.

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THILOGI has since 2019 developed logistics services for agriculture with the goal to meet such transport needs in central Vietnam. 

Beside transporting fruits and agricultural materials, the company’s portfolio now includes livestock and animal feeds.

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To prepare for livestock transportation, the logistics company is operating twelve 48-feet semi-trailers with animal waste treatment systems.

The whole transportation process is digitally tracked, providing quick and accurate updates for customers. 

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Moreover, well-trained and skilled drivers also serve the new business.

This September alone, THILOGI has plans to carry 3,700 cows to THADI's farms in Gia Lai. 

For the entire 2020, it expects to transport over 19,000 cows and 7,000 pigs for its partners.
Written by NHU THAO