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THACO donates to rebuild village in central Quang Nam province
11/18/2020 4:05:51 PM
In the efforts to aid the flood-stricken central Vietnam, Thaco has donated VND8 billion to Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces in the central region.


Especially, from the fund support, VND5 billion has been used to help rebuild a severely landslide-stricken village in the central province of Quang Nam.

Mr Nguyen Mot, Thaco Communications Director said, "With this fund, Thaco plans to build around 30 houses for the local people. As soon as the province decides the location, we will carry out the house design and construction, providing them with safe and well-built houses."

The group also supported VND2 billion to Quang Ngai province, and another VND1 billion for Nui Thanh district in Quang Nam province.

Apart from financial support, Thaco has always been embracing CSR activities that create true values for the community. So far, Thaco has financed over VND850 billion for meaningful social constructions, including the 2-level interchange for Quang Nam province, 25 rural bridges in Mekong delta, fresh water projects for schools...