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THACO Chu Lai ensures occupational safety
7/23/2020 4:37:22 PM
As THACO’s large-scale production hub, THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park in the central province of Quang Nam always pays close attention to occupational safety.

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All factories follow the regulations on occupational safety and health. Every year, along with production plans, the units develop programs and action plans for staff’s safety and health protection, strictly follow the regulations and organize regular assessments of working environments, or review working processes to ensure safety at production stations or assembly lines.

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In addition, equipment and machines with detailed operations manuals are regularly maintained and tested for technical safety. 

The factories also put up danger signs, barriers or partitions for workplace hazard prevention. All staff are provided with up-to-standard protective equipment, health insurances, social insurances and yearly health checks.

The training in this regard deserves mention, too. 

THACO Chu Lai's Occupational Safety – Fire Prevention Department has joined with THACO College's Occupational Safety and Health Center to organize classes for THACO staff and neighboring businesses. Each year, over 9,000 employees are trained. The company also work with other organizations to provide training for staff.

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Thanks to the aforementioned implementations, accidents at THACO Chu Lai have been significantly reduced in recent years. So far this year, the number has gone down by 80% compared to the same period last year. Numerous units have received certificates of merits and honorable titles in occupational safety and health such as Bus Thaco, Thaco Kia, Thaco Mazda, Automotive Springs, Autocom, Chu Lai Port ...

Occupational safety training as well as periodic workplace conditions assessments have been increased at THACO Chu Lai units, promising safe, friendly and effective working environments, contributing to complete the Group's production and business targets.