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THACO Chu Lai Mechanical Zone develops mass-produced molds
5/8/2021 8:28:44 AM
To develop molds for automobile production and other industries, THACO Chu Lai Mechanical Zone has carried out mass production for molds to provide high-quality products in shorter time, meeting the growing market demands.
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Since 2016, THACO Chu Lai Mechanical Zone has put into operation the Mold Plant with a capacity of 600 sets per year and a machining capacity reaching 3,500 tons per year. Its products include high-quality, durable, diverse molds which come with different sizes, such as plastic injection molds, plastic extrusion molds, stamping molds, etc. The facility also applies precision engineering and heat treatment.

The plant is equipped with advanced production lines with modern machines imported from Germany, Japan, South Korea, including CNC machines, bed-type milling machines, hole-drilling machines, OKK milling machines, electrical discharge machines, wire cutters, die spotting machines, vacuum furnaces, etc. 

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Working there, engineers are trained by Korean engineering experts. Especially, the factory always stays up to date with new technologies in research and production to increase its technology content and to diversify products, meeting demands of the Vietnamese market and exports.

Over the past time, the factory has provided plastic injection molds and spare parts molds for automobile production, i.e. bumpers, grille fronts, hand brakes, etc.; molds for everyday use as plastic pallets, plastic propellers, paint tanks, plastic baskets, plastic chairs, ...; and several extrusion molds, including T-shaped molds, molds for seat trims, hydroponic plastic pipe molds, etc. The products are provided for Vietnamese firms and exports.

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In 2018, the Mechanical Zone and Mold factory started the national topic "Designing and manufacturing molds for truck parts". After 2 years, the topic has achieved the objectives, which are mastering technologies of designing and manufacturing molds for truck components, adding further technological content knowledge and increasing the localization ratios for truck parts, and reducing mold prices compared to imported ones. Based on the project, in 2020, the factory has created other molds for passenger cars, including moon roof molds, plastic bumper molds, luggage compartment cover, interior or exterior plastic details.

In 2021, the factory plans to develop new products such as PU molds, aluminum cast molds, plastic blow molds, ball guide posts and silver navigation molds, knives, pliers or cylinders. Mold factory has also invested in modern specialized machinery, namely 5-axis CNC milling machines, 3D coordinate measuring machines, fast jig-mounting system for CNC milling machines, high-speed machining technology... to boost production capacity, and worked with other mold and precision engineering factories to establish a nationwide supply chain. 

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