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THILOGI transports imported cows for Vinamilk
4/2/2021 1:38:46 PM
On March 21, THILOGI transported more than 800 imported cows of Vinamilk from Dung Quat port to its farm in Quang Ngai province within 14 hours.

The calves and pregnant cows were transported by a Bison Express vessel from Port of Olympia (U.S.) to Dung Quat Port in central Vietnam. From here, THILOGI has used 28 specialized semi-trailers to carry the animals to Quang Ngai province.

5. Bò được vận chuyển an toàn về trang trại Vinamilk.png

The vehicles have been disinfected before receiving cattle, each carrying 35 calves or 25 pregnant cows. In particular, pregnant cows are transported on vehicles with anti-slip floor at the right speed to ensure safety.
Vinamilk said, "We are confident in THILOGI's competence, especially your semi-trailers and tractors that meet the transportation requirements. The company has shown the professionalism by applying transport standards to suit each type of animal, digitalized process, and safe and cost-effective transportation. We look forward to working with you in future times". 

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From September 2020, THILOGI has launched transport services for livestock, including transporting cattle and animal feed. To date, THILOGI has transported 16,000 cattle (including 7,000 breeding pigs and 9,000 imported cows) and 2,000 tons of animal feed for partners. In 2021, the company plans to transport 69,000 cattle (including imported and domestic cattle), more than 24,000 breeding pigs, and 32,000 tons of animal feed for businesses.