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THACO holds its year-opening ceremony for New Year 2019
2/18/2019 2:14:09 PM
THACO organized the year-opening ceremonies at THACO - Chu Lai Industrial Park (IP) and at THACO offices and branches throughout the system with a strong determination and endeavor to fulfill the year targets.

At THACO - Chu Lai IP, over 8,400 staff members attended the year-opening ceremony. The ceremony also had the presence of Mr. Truong Tan Sang - Former Politburo Member, Former President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Phan Viet Cuong - Secretary of Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang - Chairman of Quang Nam People's Council, Mr. Dinh Van Thu - Chairman of Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee, together with leaders, former leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, departments, agencies and branches of Quang Nam province, Nui Thanh district and the media.


At the ceremony, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong read the 2019 Message. Accordingly, in the context of regional and global integration under the impacts of Industrial Revolution 4.0, THACO has proposed the strategy after 2018 to realize the vision of becoming a multi-industry group which takes mechanical engineering and automobiles as its key business, and using the advantages of mechanical engineering and industrial governance experience to develop other strategic production and business lines which can have mutual support: agriculture, investment in construction of transport, industrial parks, urban areas, logistics, trading & services.

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THACO Chairman has specified the company's 2019 plan for the fields: auto manufacture, auto parts production, auto retail distribution, mechanical production, agriculture, shipping and logistics, traffic construction in industrial zones - urban areas, trading - services and operational management. In particular, in the message, the Chairman emphasized: The spirit of dedication and positive working attitude of THACO employee has formed its business philosophy of "Delivering values to customers and society and making substantial contributions to the national economy". In order for THACO to continue to develop in a sustainable and unlimited way based on the multi-industry strategy after 2018, this philosophy must be the core of its governance mindset. Meanwhile, the working philosophy of THACO's personnel "Dedication and contribution in service" must be expressed in each staff's behavior, especially THACO's executives at all levels. Accordingly, the Chairman called for the employees' efforts and determination to complete the 2019 targets, helping THACO's sustainable development as a multidisciplinary group, reaching a new height and deserving a big brand in Vietnam, contributing to the development of the country and developing with Vietnam.

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Also in the program, Mr. Nguyen Quang Bao - THACO Production Director presented THACO's mission in 2019 at Chu Lai with specific targets. Specifically, in auto production, 106,773 vehicles will be manufactured and assembled, up 28% compared to 2018, including 34,800 Kia passenger cars, 34,300 Mazda passenger cars, 8,483 Peugeot passenger cars, 26,300 trucks, 2,890 buses and mini buses, and 2,050 semi-trailers. Regarding the production of auto spare parts, the market survey, research and development of components and spare parts for domestic and export markets will be promoted. Total production value of spare parts and mechanical engineering in 2019 will reach over VND6,900 billion, up 47% compared to 2018. Total export revenue of its auto spare parts in 2019 is expected to reach over USD60 million. In 2019, THACO will implement major projects at Chu Lai such as: expanding 126 hectares of Mechanical Engineering & Automotive Industrial Park, investing in a new industrial park specializing in agriculture and forestry on an area of 451 ha, investing in a deep-water port (350m in length) which is capable of receiving ships of up to 50,000 DWTs and finishing the planning for Chu Lai port and logistics area, scheduling the investment for Chu Lai urban area and houses for experts and workers on an area of 297 hectares. In addition, THACO will continue to invest in new factories and upgrade the existing factories in Chu Lai, including: comprehensive upgrade of THACO Kia factory, investing in a new truck factory, etc. It is expected that, in 2019, THACO will pay to Quang Nam's budget more than VND17,486 billion, up 12% compared to 2018.


Responding to the Chairman's message, managers and engineers in the IP also made their speeches to raise up the spirit of dedication and efforts to achieve the set objectives towards THACO's sustainable development.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Phan Viet Cuong - Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee Secretary highly appreciated and congratulated THACO's achievements despite the challenges in 2018 - the first year of Vietnam's full integration into ASEAN region. 2019 is the first year for THACO's new investment cycle at Chu Lai after 2018, and also the year when THACO needs to reach to a higher and more challenging level. The provincial secretary believed that with the strategy, along with the core values drawn from business practices, especially from the industrial management experience, THACO will continue to strengthen its potentials, overcome challenges, complete strategic objectives, maintain its number one position in auto manufacturing and support industries in Vietnam, continue to develop sustainably and contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of Quang Nam province.


At other THACO offices and branches, 2019 Message of THACO Chairman was also listened to. All staff showed their determination to contribute to develop the company.

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