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BMW 7 Series drives back to Vietnam
8/31/2018 8:10:45 AM
BMW cars built just this year including the 118i, 218i and some other models have safely landed. Most notably, the BMW 7 Series has made its comeback after two years of absence from the Vietnamese market.
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The BMW 7 Series represents the pride of BMW all over the world as it incorporates all the essence of BMW's excellent design and cutting-edge technology. The car features top-of-the-range smart keys with built-in touch screen, carbon fiber reinforced plastic chassis, gesture control, rear-seat entertainment, smart grille and 2-wheel pneumatic suspension in order to optimize user experience.

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The return of the BMW 7 Series demonstrates THACO's unwavering commitment to bringing many luxury, high-class BMW vehicles in diverse types for Vietnamese customers to choose. BMW 7 Series is expected to once again mount a fever in Vietnam and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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