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THACO exports global-quality KIA passenger cars
6/2/2020 10:26:09 AM
Passing requirements of product quality and driving standards in ASEAN countries, numerous Kia passenger cars from THACO Kia factory have been exported to these markets. Such results have proven THACO's efforts in realizing Kia Motors' goal of promoting its export of CBUs and auto parts in the region.
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Kia passenger cars are manufactured at THACO Kia factory in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park. It is the leading Kia car manufacturing and assembling factory in Southeast Asia with a capacity of 50,000 cars/year. It has modern and automatic production lines such as a paint shop with new wet-on-wet paint technology and an automatic paint supply system which meet the standards of premium paints, a welding workshop with specialized welding lines for each model (Kia Morning, Soluto, Cerato, Optima, Rondo, Sorento, Sedona ...) which has an automatic body transport system and a welding position device to ensure product precision and quality.

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Before rolling out, the cars are tested on a 2.4 km proving ground which simulates actual terrains such as hills, slippery roads, rough roads, corners, straight roads ... which meet Kia Motors global standards.

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The factory cars have the same quality as the made-in-Korea ones, meeting the Kia group quality standards as well as importing partners such as Super Seven Stars Motors Industry. Co., Ltd (Myanmar), Yontrakit KIA Motor Co., Ltd (Thailand). Moreover, these products have competitive market prices thanks to the local ratio of over 40%, satisfying Regional Value Content (RVC) criteria to enjoy 0% tariff under the ASEAN Trade in Good Agreement (ATIGA agreement).

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This explains the increasing trust in THACO Kia's cars and their presence at regional countries. In February 2020, 40 Kia Grand Carnival cars (named Kia Sedona in Vietnam) were exported to Thailand. Most recently, on May 2, THACO exported another 80 Kia Cerato cars to Myanmar which imported 120 Kia Cerato cars back in December 2019.

In 2020, THACO plans to export more than 1,000 Kia cars to its existing markets Myanmar and Thailand and expand the business to Malaysia. To achieve this, THACO is focusing on developing customized products at the request of its importers, meeting the standards and regulations of importing countries, and increasing the localization of components.