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THADI shakes hands with Dong A University in manpower training and development
6/2/2020 2:02:34 PM
THADI and Dong A University (Da Nang province) recently have formed ties on human resource training and supply in numerous industries.

As per the agreement, from 2020, THADI will receive students majoring Food Technology, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Office Administration, Accounting, English, Chinese and technical specialties from Dong A University to work for its farms in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The number of students received will increase year by year depending on their capabilities. In 2020, THADI will recruit 50 students from each faculty. At the signing ceremony, 126 senior students registered in the program to look for jobs at THADI after graduation with a starting monthly salary from 400 USD and attractive benefits.

On the other hand, the two parties will jointly develop training programs in Food Technology, Agriculture and Pharmacy in line with THADI's work requirements. Some will be trained and applied right away at THADI farms. Also, during the students' internship, THADI staff will implement the training and evaluation as well as provide them with financial support and other benefits.


“I hope this cooperation will help strengthen the connection between training centers and enterprises in terms of hands-on training, to improve the training quality and to solve employments for students in and outside Vietnam, especially when high-tech agriculture is in need of well-trained human resources from different majors”, said Mr Phan Tiem, Principal of THACO College, THADI HR training director.

THADI is a THACO's member company specializing in agriculture and forestry. It is making big investments in three fruit tree farms in Cambodia and Vietnam. The company is managing with agricultural mechanization and industrialization solutions an A-Z value chain from market research to product orientation - supply of agricultural materials - crop production and livestock production on the farm - investment in processing plants to increase product value - branding and product distribution to overseas markets.