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THACO plans to become leaf spring manufacturing center in Southeast Asia
6/2/2020 11:15:04 AM
With its large-scale supporting industries, THACO aims to not only increase the localization ratios of autos but also to boost the auto part export volumes. One of the key auto parts is leaf springs.

The leaf springs are manufactured at Leaf Spring Plant in THACO CHU LAI Industrial Park. The factory has a capacity of 12,000 tons/year. It received technology transfer from Daewon Group (Korea), including advanced technology lines, e.g. the heat treatment stage is equipped with automatic equipment and rich technology content equivalent to Daewon's most advanced leaf spring production line.

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The factory applies supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) and manufacturing execution system (MES) to help cut production costs and increase production capacity.

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THACO leaf springs have the same quality as made-in-Korea ones, satisfy Vietnamese usability, and meet the requirements of the overseas markets. With good elasticity, high durability, good loading capacity, smooth operation, terrain wise, the products are used on different types of vehicles such as trucks, dump trucks, buses and semi-trailers. The main products include springs for light trucks (Kia, Hyundai), medium trucks (Ollin), dump trucks (Forland), semi-trailers, leaf springs or sets of springs.

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Currently, THACO leaf springs are distributed at 67 truck & bus dealerships nationwide and exported to Korea, Australia, Germany, and Dominica ..., of which Korea is a key market. In 2019, THACO exported 2,200 tons of leaf springs and is expected to export more than 5,100 tons in 2020.


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In order to liven up domestic and export activities, THACO and Daewon plan to establish THACO DAEWON Leaf Spring joint venture into a leaf spring manufacturing center in ASEAN, expand the markets and increase exports to South Korea, Europe, the Middle East and South America.