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THACO exports over 200 vehicles and spare parts to start year 2021
3/17/2021 3:35:50 PM
On February 17, THACO has exported more than 200 vehicles and spare parts to Thailand, Myanmar, Japan and South Korea, marking THACO’s biggest ever shipment to overseas markets. The shipment included Kia passenger cars, buses and semi-trailers assembled at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Zone.


In the shipment, there were 80 Kia Grand Carnival exported to Thailand, marking the 7th shipment that THACO has sent to Thailand’s Yontrakit since December 2019. Meanwhile, also from the shipment, the 6th shipment to Myanmar, i.e. 120 Kia Soluto cars were also included. 

THACO-made Kia passenger cars have received increasing appreciation from ASEAN customers thanks to the quality equivalent to made-in-Korea cars and competitive prices. In 2021, we will export 1,480 units to Thailand and Myanmar, and seek opportunities in other markets as well, aiming to become one of the biggest automakers and exporters of KIA vehicles and auto parts in ASEAN.

Notably, in this shipment, the semi-trailers were our first exports to Japan, a market famous for demanding quality requirements. After market surveys and technical discussions, the Japanese partner has decided to partner with THACO to manufacture and export semi-trailers to the market.


On the other hand, in this shipment, THACO also exported buses to VOLVO Bus - the world's largest bus manufacturer under VOLVO Group as it has met VOLVO's requirements in terms of technology, quality, safety and competitive price, localization ratio over 60% and Thailand’s requirements. The shipment will make way for another 66 buses going to Thailand and Korea later this year.

Besides cars and semi-trailers, a big volume of auto parts were also exported to South Korea, including Hyundai Santafe car seats, gearshift covers, air-conditioning condensers, specialized vehicle components with USD200,000 worth.

In the context that import duties on CBUs in ASEAN reduced to zero percent from 2018, many automakers in Vietnam have turned to import and distribute CBUs, THACO is determined to continue our production, increase the localization rate as well as exports. 

In 2021, we will continue to promote exports to existing markets such as Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, the US, and Japan. And we will also seek new opportunities in other ASEAN markets. 

THACO plans to export a total of 2,500 vehicles this year, including nearly 1,800 passenger cars, more than 70 trucks & buses, and more than 630 semi-trailers. We also plan to earn USD30 million for exporting automotive and mechanical parts, including USD18 million for automotive parts and the other USD12 million for mechanical components.

With continuous export activities in 2020 and big shipments in early 2021, made-in-Vietnam vehicles have proven the competitive advantages in foreign markets, finding the way to build their reputation on the global map. In the coming time, THACO will continue to increase our exports to ASEAN and penetrate new markets in Africa, western and southern Asia, Australia...