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Chu Lai port exports more paper for Laotian enterprise
3/17/2021 3:40:58 PM
On February 24, Chu Lai Port exported another 45 paper-roll containers from Laos’ Sun Paper Savannakhet Co., Ltd, the company’s second shipment at the port after the 7,200 tons of pulp in mid-January. 
1. Tàu Asiatic Neptune cập cảng Chu Lai vận chuyển giấy xuất khẩu sang Trung Quốc.jpg

2. Container giấy được vận chuyển lên tàu xuất khẩu sang Trung Quốc.jpg

Since the beginning of the year, Chu Lai port has partnered with the Laotian paper company on exporting paper materials to Shandong Sun Paper Industry Group. In 2021, Sun Paper Savannakhet will export paper pulp through Chu Lai port with a throughput of 15,000 tons per month.

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The Laotian partner has shown its great appreciation towards services at Chu Lai port, especially its loading capacity, quick ship clearance time and diversified and efficient handling options for each type of cargo.

With big investments in port infrastructure and facilities, especially changes in the supply chain management to enhancement of service quality, Chu Lai port is trying its hardest to become a large-scale seaport in the region.