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THACO’s Mold Plant: turning ideas into reality with technical improvements
10/23/2020 2:03:42 PM
Across the system, THACO’s Mold Plant is famous for its technical improvement team who have carried out different innovation projects, adding considerable technical and economic values to the overall production.
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The team was founded in 2019, including Tran Philip King as the leader, and members Hoang Anh Tu, Vo Cut, Nguyen Dinh Du, Phan Van Toan and Nguyen Hong Van.

The innovation projects aim at increasing the technical contents, productivity, product quality and cutting production costs.

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From their first day, the team has already done 5 projects which have been applied at the Mold Plant and some others, namely fixing jigs on CNC milling machines for mass-produced parts, automatic 4-headed tap and material feeding system, burr removing system for milled parts, automatic chip conveyor, and an automatic chip feeder into containers.

Among those, fixing jigs on CNC milling machines for mass-produced parts has created quite a great deal of improvements, both in terms of technical and business values. The system has successfully cut the jig-fixing time from 1,200 seconds to 30 seconds, saving over VND391 million per year in production.

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Philip King Tran, the team leader shared, “Improvements are what we are always looking for in production. We believe that “all ideas matter”, so we keep on looking for improvements everywhere to better production quality, cut costs and increase efficiency. We are also trying to learn everyday. Apart from what we have already had, we have to update new knowledge constantly to keep up with the world and make current production even better.”

The Mold Plant’s technical improvement team was one of many teams who are contributing to technical improvements in THACO Chu Lai IP, promising more positive results to come in the future.