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THACO’s vehicle exports keep rising
6/20/2020 2:55:23 PM
Thanks to its non-stop efforts in R&D and market expansion to deeper join global value chains and promote competitiveness in the regional and global markets, THACO has been shipping more and more vehicles of various types to ASEAN markets and others.

THACO’s exported vehicles have met strict requirements in terms of product quality, traffic conditions and customer needs in importing countries, earning customer trust.

THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park in Quang Nam Province on Vietnam’s central coast is already home to seven auto manufacturing factories: Thaco Kia, Thaco Mazda, Thaco Luxury Car, Thaco Limousine Passenger Car, Thaco Truck, Thaco Bus, and Thaco Special Vehicles. The factories have received technologies transferred from Japan, South Korea, and France, and have automated machine systems, use digitalization in production management. They manufacture trucks, buses, passenger cars and special-purpose vehicles in all segments from mid-range to luxury under THACO and international brand names, meeting domestic and export demands.

THACO has upgraded technologies and machine systems to increase the factories' production capacity and product quality; built supporting industry factories to increase the local content, meet regional value content and cut costs. The group has also promoted R&D activities, diversified products to develop mass customization and increased market research to meet requirements of different markets.

5. Dây chuyền hàn robot tại nhà máy Thaco Mazda.JPG

In terms of export ways, THACO performs based on region differences and quality control from its partners, who are the technology owners or partners in product manufacture and distribution. In the meantime, the group has also intensified market research to develop customers and markets for its own THACO-made products (buses, semi-trailers and specialized equipment), especially in ASEAN, Eastern Asia, Western Asia, America, Australia ...

Over the years, THACO has exported buses, trucks, passenger cars and semi-trailers to different countries, including Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, Japan, America ...

Recently, despite bad impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the fierce competition from CBU vehicles, THACO's auto exports have still made good performance.

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The group late 2019 shipped 15 buses to the Philippines and 120 Kia Cerato cars to Myanmar. February 2020 saw a shipment of 40 Kia Sedona cars go to Thailand, followed in May by another 80 Kia Cerato to Myanmar. By the end of this June, another 80 Kia Sedona cars will be exported to Thailand.

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THACO has also made penetration into the U.S. market. This April witnessed  two 54-feet modular house drawbar trailers on board towards America. Most recently, through its American partner PITTS Enterprises, THACO exported 36 semi-trailers in May, to be followed by another 33 by the end of June.

In 2020, THACO has plans to export over 1,400 vehicles of different kinds, equal to nearly USD30 million in revenue.