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International Children's Day at THACO: Small gifts, big hearts
6/3/2020 4:15:54 PM
THACO’s management and Labour Union have presented International Children's Day gifts to the staff's children, marking this meaningful annual activity as one of the company traditions.


Happy parents

Ms. Ninh Thi Tuoi - an AVP technician at THACO Hanoi office who has worked for THACO for 10 years, said: “I am so proud as this is my 10th year at THACO. I had my first child 6 years ago. And up to now, my kids do enjoy the Children's Day fun. Small gifts bear big meanings. THACO also have encouragement gifts for staff's children who have good academic results, which can be a great source of motivation for the children and their parents.”

Another technician at An Giang PC branch, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tu shared his story, “Knowing I am working in a car showroom, my daughter is really excited and often begs me to bring her to the office to watch cars. On this Children's Day, I took her here, she was so happy.” He said  that THACO always keeps the staff in mind. Its annual staff appreciation programs have been done with great care, greatly engaging the employees in their hard work.



Not only long-term employees, even the new employees were impressed by the company efforts. Customer service executive Nguyen Thi Diem Thuy who has just been working for An Giang Truck & Bus Branch for 5 months excitedly commented, “It comes to me that THACO is taking care of our lives, which inspires me a lot. We have joy after a hard day's work. THACO is where fulfilled life can naturally happen.”

... And delightful children

Not only taking care of THACO staff, the program also brought joy to their children. Tu’s 12-year-old- daughter Nguyen Ngoc Kim Anh, studying at An Giang Education Practice high school, said, “I am a girl but I am really fond of cars. I want to grow up as a teacher and have a car to take my parents to different places. On this Children's Day, I can go to my dad's workplace, hang out with my parents and meet up with other friends at a place with really nice cars.”


Apart from this activity, every year, THACO also has other staff recognition programs as International Women's Day program, gift giving to staff's children with good academic results. Small deeds create great encouragement, showing THACO’s deep interest in the employee welfares.