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THILOGI drives growth in central Vietnam
8/21/2020 10:47:17 AM
THACO Group has developed logistics as one of its key businesses, with its THILOGI being its logistics member corporation.
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THILOGI supplies full-package logistics services to serve the group’s multi-business strategy and its partners. The logistics services include trucking, shipping, agricultural products transport, port services, bonded warehouses, warehouses, cold storages, and packaging services ..., all making a full package. 

THILOGI set its strategic vision as “to become the best professional full-package logistics service provider in Vietnam” and the mission as “to provide optimal solutions, values and efficiency for customers, make substantial contributions to the development of the country's logistics industry”.

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THILOGI now incorporates these following member companies:

First, Chu Lai Port Company performs port services such as goods forwarding, loading and unloading and storing, warehouse services, import and export services, multimodal freight transport; shipping services, tug and tow assistance, transport agency services.

The port has an annual throughput of 3 million tons, a 500-meter-long berth, a berth-side depth of 9.5 meters, and can receive three 30,000 DWT vessels at the same time. 

The warehouses and yards at the port cover an area of more than 172,000 square meters, follow global construction standards and are divided into specialized subdivisions - bonded warehouses, cold storages, and ordinary warehouses in accordance with the storing, loading, and transport conditions of each type of goods.

The second one is Trucking Company which provides inland and cross-border road transportation for automotive and mechanical products (spare parts, CBUs, mechanical materials, steel ...), agricultural products (fruits, livestock, animal feed, fertilizers, farming materials, equipment ...) and other products. The company has invested in nearly 100 tractors, specialized trucks and 85 refrigerated semi-trailers to do business.

The third – Shipping Company – provides domestic and international shipping services for containers, reefer containers, bulk cargoes ... for customers in the Central Region - Central Highlands and neighboring areas. 

The shipping company owns 2 ships – the Truong Hai Star2 and Star3 (with a maximum carrying capacity of nearly 1,000 TEU) which are in charge of domestic shipping routes. Currently, the company is partnering with major shipping lines SITC (Korea), APL (Japan), COSCO (China), ZIM (Israel) ... to exploit international shipping lines with 5 vessels per week.

As a THACO member, THILOGI has built and announced its brand identity and development strategy. Its wordmark logo picks red as the main color, denoting the position as a THACO Group’s member corporation as well as giving its own personality. 


These are THILOGI pages:
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  • Fanpage: thilogi/
THILOGI takes THACO’s 5 main pillars as its core in management and operation activities: Philosophy of Values, Different Strategy, Distinct Management, Suitable Employees, Civil and Convenient working environment.

With its potentials for development and great investments, THILOGI is increasing its competitiveness to become one of the leading logistics service providers in Vietnam, contributing to the development in central Vietnam.
Nhu Thao