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THACO strengthens ties with strategic partner FUSO
6/2/2020 1:48:47 PM
In December 2017, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), a member of Daimler Group, named THACO as general distributor and local assembly partner for FUSO products in Vietnam. The partnership was special in the Vietnamese auto industry as it has opened the prospects to export made-in-Vietnam commercial vehicles.
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Strategic partnership between a strong brand and a big corporation

The partnership started when Daimler determined Southeast Asia to become its largest market, thus leading to Fuso further development in the region. Daimler had three requirements for its Vietnamese partner - extensive experience in commercial vehicle business, available dealership networks to integrate with the existing Fuso network, and capbilities in Fuso truck assembly and manufacture in Vietnam. THACO has all 3.
THACO took over Fuso truck and bus business in Vietnam, including equipment, products, vehicle parts, personnel, dealership system and its after-sales service such as warranty, repair, replacement parts for Fuso truck and bus owners in Vietnam. Fuso was back to business from January 1, 2018.

At the same time, THACO signed 2 agreements with Mitsubishi Fuso Group in terms of technology transfer and product distribution to produce and assemble all types of Fuso trucks, Rosa buses, to buy engines and main components to build other buses and localized vehicle parts compliant with Mitsubishi Fuso (Japan) and Daimler (Germany) standards.

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Achievements after 2 years' partnership

After more than 2 years of strategic cooperation with THACO, Mitsubishi Fuso has made impressive breakthroughs. All Fuso dealerships in Vietnam, developed systematically and professionally have the brand global identity, providing after-sales service and creating customer convenience. Along with that, the new-generation Mitsubishi Fuso products introduced by THACO are diverse in segments and types, having suitable functions and performance to fully meet the demands of domestic transportation businesses. 

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FUSO ROSA Exclusive (22 chỗ).jpg

To mark its new development stage, Mitsubishi Fuso Vietnam has renewed its brand identity with the "three-diamond" symbol, replacing the old logo. The "three-diamond" mark once again confirms Mitsubishi Fuso's quality standards that have earned customer trust for years. The logo including 3 rhombuses sticking with each other at the center demonstrates strong unity as well as the commitment to serve customers on all journeys. This is also a new step in the cooperation between the 2 corporations.