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THACO Chu Lai ensures fire safety in workplace
8/15/2020 9:31:08 AM
Fire safety in the workplace is one of the most important areas of focus for THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park (IP). With that goal of mind, the units at the IP have a series of practices focused on fire safety auditing and compliance.

6. Diễn tập phòng cháy chữa cháy tại THACO Chu Lai.jpg

Fire drills at THACO Chu Lai

All units have their own fire safety programs and action plans. 

In particular, the facilities are required to regularly check the conditions of electrical systems, working and fire protection means. The fire protection systems are up to standard. Materials and goods are stacked orderly and divided into types. With safe distance between stacks, the layout enables easier firefighting when fire breaks out.

Employees also train in storage, transportation and use of chemicals, fuels and flammable substances. 

1. Hệ thống chữa cháy tự động tại nhà máy THACO Mazda.png

Automatic fire protection system at THACO Mazda Plant

3. Kiểm tra định kỳ hệ thống phòng cháy chữa cháy.png

Periodic inspection of fire protection system


Occupational safety department works with Quang Nam police department on fire protection system 

at Chu Lai Port

Especially, the units actively prepare 4 "on the spot” elements - directions, staff, vehicles, supplies and logistics in the events of fire. The IP now has a fire protection team which consists of 2 vehicles and 42 members, working 24/7.

8. Hệ thống đường ống chữa cháy nhà kho tại cảng Chu Lai.png

Fire sprinkler pipes in a warehouse at Chu Lai Port

9. Vật tư, hàng hóa được sắp xếp gọn gàng theo lô.JPG

Goods arranged in stacks

Huấn luyện PCCN tại Trường Cao đẳng THACO.png

5. Huấn luyện PCCN tại Trường Cao đẳng THACO (2).png

Fire drills at THACO College

2. Đội xe chữa cháy THACO Chu Lai.png

THACO Chu Lai fire protection team

Regarding external training, every year, the units work with Quang Nam police fire department to launch fire drills for staff members. 

Internally, the IP’s Fire Prevention Department joins with THACO College’s Occupational Safety Training Center to organize fire safety training for everyone.

So far, thanks to good implementations, some units have earned their certificates of merit in practicing fire protection. 

But what's more important is keeping those practices going strong on a daily basis to protect employees’ safety and company’s assets, building friendly and efficient working environments.