On April 21 and 22, THACO INDUSTRIES cooperated with THACO College to organize the course "Advanced hydraulic transmission" to improve the hydraulic engineering skills for 50 managers and technical employees at the agricultural equipment, mechanical components analysis, technology, R&D departments of factories and units.


The hydraulic engineering is increasingly applied in transmission and control systems. Hydraulic transmission is an industrial system that, by means of the pressure or kinetic energy of fluid flows, converts such energy into mechanical energy in the output, especially seen in mechanical engineering.


The training was instructed by Dr. Tran Ngoc Hai from Da Nang University of Science and Technology. In the course, participants learned the criteria in evaluating and differentiating transmission types, structures, scopes of application, components and the ancillary equipment, the hydrokinetic and hydrostatic designs, how to install, operate, and maintain the system.

The course also gave out the principles of use and requirements of the system, from which learners will know how to analyze and evaluate the system, and suggest improvement solutions for effective and smooth operation, increasing automation, saving energy at the production lines, and improving the production and business efficiency of the company.