Auto Seats and Parts Plant (Autocom) specializes in manufacturing and trading auto parts and components, namely chairs, seat covers, gear lever covers, steering wheel covers, trunk tarpaulins, floor mats, dashboard liners, neck pillows, backrests for Vietnamese and exporting markets. Its annual production includes 110,000 sets of chairs, 250,000 sets of chair covers, 1.5 million sets of gearshift covers and more than 300,000 component products.


Seat cover and gear lever cover are its two key export products. The products are made of leather, PVC, felt (resistant to fire and scratches), and manufactured on hi-tech production lines and machines, such as fabric spreading machines, CNC machines, Juki sewing machines imported from Germany, Japan, Italy, America and South Korea. The factory has recently succeeded to apply the software which can manage the warehouses, automated roll material feeds and the finished exporting products storage system which have saved time and costs, and improved efficiency. Thanks to their high quality, durability and aesthetics, the products have met the demanding criteria of the Korean market.


In the first quarter of 2023, the Autocom exported nearly 243,000 sets of gearshift covers and 51,000 sets of seat covers to South Korea, earning a turnover of $4.6 million. In the coming time, the factory will promote its R&D to make new products, serving the diverse needs of the market. In May, the factory exported its new product, 24,000 sets of seat covers for KIA EV7 passenger car to Korea. In 2023, the factory expects to increase its exports, totaling 250,000 sets of seat covers and 1.3 million sets of gearshift covers to the market.