In the first days of the Lunar New Year 2024, Chu Lai Port was bustling with cargo ships, echoing joy and aspirations for development in the new year.

On the 1st lunar day, Chu Lai Port receives the CNC JAWA (CMA CGM) container ship for a “first-foot” ritual

On the first lunar day, Chu Lai Port welcomed the container ship CNC JAWA (CMA CGM) for a “first-foot” ritual. The port also received SITC HAINAN (SITC) ship, handling nearly 400 import-export containers with various goods such as industrial products, fruits, agricultural products, spare parts, etc. The port has arranged vehicles and personnel to load and unload goods quickly, ensuring safe maritime operations.

On the same day, the port also receives SITC HAINAN (SITC) ship

From the 2nd to 6th lunar day, the port received CNC BANGKOK ship, handling nearly 220 containers. In addition, JIN MING 68 ship was docked to export nearly 15,000 tons of iron ore from Laos to China for various businesses. As of today, the port has witnessed the completion of the 9th mineral shipment since the fourth quarter of 2023. This shipment marks a total output of nearly 130,000 tons, suggesting a promising trajectory of growth for this commodity in 2024. All goods will be imported and exported conveniently from Chu Lai port with optimal costs.

Nearly 400 containers (import/export) carrying varied goods were handled by vehicles and staff at the port

In 2024, Chu Lai Port will complete and put into operation the new expanded terminal with ship-to-shore (STS) and rubber tyred gantry (RTG) cranes, upgrade Ky Ha fairway to enable passage of large-tonnage vessels. The firm will also apply digital transformation solutions: ePort software, implement E-customs procedures, E-payment, etc., PL - TOS software in bulk cargo handling to create a contactless payment option for customers, real-time updates on vessel and cargo status, enhancing service efficiency towards forming the port's technology ecosystem. The port aims to handle nearly 5 million tons of goods in 2024, representing a 62% increase compared to 2023.

From the 4th lunar day, THILOTRANS has transported agricultural products and fresh fruits from farms in Laos, Cambodia to Chu Lai Port

In addition to maritime transport activities, road transport activities were also strong during the Lunar New Year 2024. On the 4th lunar day, THILOTRANS cross-bordered 10 fruit shipments for THACO AGRI and over 300 tons of tapioca starch for Attapeu Tapioca Processing Company from Laos to Chu Lai Port for export. The port also arranged more than 20 vehicles to transport nearly 16,000 tons of wood chips for Thanh Thanh Dat Company, meeting the import-export needs from the beginning of the year.

THILOTRANS arranged 20 vehicles to transport nearly 16,000 tons of wood chips for Thanh Thanh Dat Company to export from Chu Lai Port to China.

Besides investing in modern infrastructure and equipment, and applying information technology, THILOGI is also actively expanding its market, attracting various cargo sources with optimal and effective solutions, diversifying its business models, and improving service quality to benefit customers. In 2024, THILOGI aims to transform as an international logistics hub in Chu Lai, connecting with the Central Highlands, Laos and Cambodia, contributing to the development of Vietnam’s logistics industry.