A ceremony celebrating the handover of STS and eRTG cranes to Chu Lai Port (Quang Nam) took place on May 16 at the port itself. DOOSAN VINA and THACO INDUSTRIES were the suppliers.

Lễ bàn giao cẩu giàn STS và cẩu khung eRTG tại cảng Chu Lai
A ceremony celebrating the handover of STS and eRTG cranes to Chu Lai Port (Quang Nam)

Chu Lai Port received a significant upgrade with a new specialized crane system valued at over VND400 billion. The system comprises two STS (Ship-to-Shore) gantry cranes at terminal No. 2, and three eRTG (Electric Rubber-Tired Gantry) cranes for the rear container yard.

Lãnh đạo Công ty DOOSAN VINA trao biểu trưng bàn giao 2 cẩu khung STS cho Lãnh đạo THILOGI và cảng Chu Lai
DOOSAN VINA hands over 2 STS cranes to THILOGI and Chu Lai Port

The STS cranes are manufactured by DOOSAN VINA in collaboration with THACO INDUSTRIES, from initial design, manufacturing to transfer for successful operation. Ideal for 50,000 DWT container ships, STS cranes boast a 40-meter reach and can handle up to 40-ton containers. Together with the Liebherr cranes, the STS cranes will half cargo handling time, allowing ships to spend less time docked (almost 50% faster). This translates to a significant boost in productivity, reaching up to 100 containers loaded and unloaded per hour – that's 60 more containers per hour compared to previous methods.

THACO INDUSTRIES hands over 3 eRTG cranes to THILOGI and Chu Lai Port

THACO INDUSTRIES's eRTG crane delivers a powerful and efficient solution for container handling. This 160-ton electric-powered crane boasts a robust steel frame and 16 maneuverable wheels for smooth operation. The intelligent control system maximizes productivity and precision during loading and unloading. With a reach of 23.47 meters, a trolley travel length of 18.3 meters, and a lifting capacity of 40.6 tons, the eRTG crane tackles various container sizes (20ft and 40ft). It even boasts a swift travel speed of 130 meters per minute. For enhanced safety and stability, the crane utilizes cutting-edge "Active Load Control" technology, minimizing container sway and rotation. This system also allows for precise horizontal positioning, smooth travel, and simplified maintenance.

Beyond eRTG cranes, THACO INDUSTRIES offers a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment, including industrial bridge cranes, gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes, and base cranes. All their equipment is built with cutting-edge technology, ensuring it meets the highest quality standards and caters to customer specific needs.

Mr. Do Minh Tam noted: "This innovative eRTG crane will significantly boost Chu Lai Port's container handling capacity. THACO INDUSTRIES remains dedicated to exceptional after-sales support, including comprehensive maintenance and warranty policies. This ensures the crane operates at peak performance and meets the port's needs for years to come."

Mr. Kim Hyo Tae, CEO of DOOSAN VINA said: "Thanks to logistics support from THILOGI, particularly for its shipping services, the project delivered the STS cranes on schedule. Following final acceptance, DOOSAN VINA ensured a complete transfer of operational knowledge to Chu Lai Port. These 100% Vietnamese-made cranes are perfectly suited for the port's infrastructure, boosting cargo handling efficiency and supporting regional trade demands."

The STS crane, made by DOOSAN VINA and THACO INDUSTRIES, boasts a 40-ton lifting capacity, 40-meter reach, and are ideal for handling containers on 50,000 DWT vessels
The new specialized crane system is valued at over VND400 billion
THACO INDUSTRIES-built RTG crane boasts a 40-ton lifting capacity

On the same day, the SITC HENGDE, operated by SITC shipping line, arrived at Chu Lai Port for efficient cargo handling. STS cranes swung into action, loading and unloading nearly 600 containers in record time - less than 6 hours, significantly expediting import and export operations for businesses in nearby industrial parks like Bac Chu Lai, Tam Thang (Quang Nam), and VSIP (Quang Ngai).

The deployment of this advanced crane system marks a significant step forward in Chu Lai Port's equipment upgrade strategy. These state-of-the-art cranes aim to enhance cargo handling capacity, streamline the logistics service chain, and meet the ever-growing demand for freight transshipment across the Central Vietnamese seaports.