On April 8, the delegation, led by Ms. Annie Dubé had a working session at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park. Welcoming the delegation were THACO INDUSTRIES President Do Minh Tam and THILOGI President Bui Minh Truc.

Đoàn Tổng Lãnh sự quán Canada tại TP.HCM thăm và làm việc tại KCN THACO Chu Lai.
The Consulate General of Canada to Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City visits THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park  

During the meeting, the delegation gained a comprehensive understanding of THACO and Sub-holdings' operations. This included an overview of their development process, production and business activities, with a specific focus on THACO INDUSTRIES' 2024-2027 plans for the Canadian market. To further deepen their understanding, the delegation toured THACO's automobile and mechanical plants, as well as Chu Lai Port.

Đại diện THACO INDUSTRIES trình bày Kế hoạch sản xuất kinh doanh năm 2024 - 2027 tại thị trường Canada.
 A representative of THACO INDUSTRIES is presenting its 2024 - 2027 business plan in the Canadian market

The foreign delegation aimed to identify established manufacturers like THACO for potential partnerships in Canada. They were impressed by THACO's production scale, advanced technology, and diverse product portfolio. During the working session, both parties explored potential areas of collaboration and market development strategies for THACO and THACO INDUSTRIES in the Canadian market.

Consul General Annie Dubé expressed hope that THACO and THACO INDUSTRIES would establish a presence in Canada, perhaps through a representative office or a subsidiary company. She highlighted the potential of the Central Canadian market, given the high demand for mining machinery and agricultural equipment. The Consulate delegation also proposed THACO INDUSTRIES' participation in Canada's Mining Equipment Fair and facilitated connections with Canadian agricultural equipment specialists to explore future collaborations.

Receiving suggestions from the Consulate delegation, THACO INDUSTRIES leaders said they will continue to learn, conduct research, and come up with specific solutions and plans to develop in the Canadian market, with the immediate focus on participate in the exhibition on April 15 - 18 here in this potential market.

Lãnh đạo THACO và đoàn khách chụp hình lưu niệm tại KCN THACO Chu Lai.
THACO leaders and the Canadian delegation at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park.

THACO INDUSTRIES' leadership welcomed the suggestions from the Consulate delegation. They expressed their commitment to further research and develop specific plans for entering the Canadian market, highlighting the focus on participating in the upcoming exhibition taking place April 15-18.