On May 30, Ia Puch Complex held the graduation ceremony for 25 students of the Animal Husbandry Beginner Course. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Phan Tiem, THACO College Director, Mr. Ha Van Lieu, THACO AGRI Livestock Technology Director, Mr. Le Thuy Trieu, Ia Puch Livestock Director as well as teachers and students.

The training class was organized based on THACO AGRI demands and Quang Nam province policy of sending workers abroad in 2023. After the course, graduates will be recruited to work on farms in THACO AGRI complexes in Laos.


After nearly 3 months of training, the THACO College and THACO AGRI Livestock Technology Department provided the students with knowledge about bovine anatomy, veterinary pharmacology, cattle nutrition, breeds - genetics, and common diseases in cattle. In addition to theoretical training, trainees were practicing their skills at Ia Puch farms before graduating.


In the coming time, the THACO College continues to recruit new ethnic workers in the mountainous districts bordering Laos who will later attend the Animal Husbandry Beginner Course, building the competent workforce for THACO AGRI at its complexes in Cambodia and Laos.