In recent years, the technical initiative and improvement movement has been widespread in THACO AUTO Chu Lai factories and units, both in quantity and quality, which has helped to improve their efficiency significantly. THACO Kia was one of the most innovative factories with nearly 290 projects in 2022. Among those, Mr. Nguyen Luyen, leader of the front floor welding team, KIA welding workshop has stood out with 11 improvement projects of his own.

In March 2016, Mr. Nguyen Luyen was recruited as a welding worker at THACO Kia Factory. He said, “Working with many modern and advanced machines and receiving the guidance of managers as well as the support of colleagues have helped me improve my skills and abilities. And I have tried my best to dig deep and find solutions to improve the inadequacies and increase production efficiency. “

Mr. Nguyen Luyen, the front floor welding team lead, THACO Kia Plant

Since 2022, Mr. Luyen has finished 13 projects, in particular designing a bolt-welding jig for KIA K5, welding the brackets to prevent the front floor frame movement at station 112 of the Kia Seltos line, designing and manufacturing shelves for finished front floors at station 113 of the MQ4 line, machining pliers to cut the brackets for front floors of the NQ5 line.

In welding bolts on rear floors of the Kia K5, which uses 4 different materials, the worker has to turn the panel manually to perform the welding, which is time-consuming and low in productivity. Realizing this, Luyen designed a new jig to help eliminate the turning to make it easier to operate, reducing the production time from 6 minutes to 4 minutes 30 seconds, welding 13,5 bodies per hour compared to 10 previously, and save more than VND410 million. This was also one of the award winning projects in THACO AUTO Chu Lai improvement program 2022.

Luyen shared, “At workplace, I always try to take advantage of the available materials and seek ways to save production and investment costs, and to create the best efficiency possible. With each successful project, I was so happy and inspired to be more creative to contribute to the company development."

In the first quarter of 2023, he and his colleagues from the welding workshop successfully designed the jig which can used for 4 models (JAPE, QY, NQ5, KY) at station 113 to enable the front floor welding for different models using the same jig, improve product quality, save factory space, reduce jig replacement time due to changing models.

Mr. Tran Van Long, manager of the welding workshop said, "With dedication and creative efforts, in 2020, Mr. Luyen was promoted to the welding team leader at the front floor station and has been a hard-working individual for many years at the company. He and his team have been doing research non-stop to look for new useful ideas, mainly in improving jigs, working processes, integrating machine and equipment functions, etc. to cut costs and boost productivity and efficiency.”

Recently, Mr. Nguyen Luyen was one of the 4 excellent employees of THACO who were honored by the Dong Nai Provincial Labor Federation for making the most initiatives and improvements for the business. The achievement was a great encouragement for him as well as the team to continue embracing creativity, dedication, and contribution to the shared development.