On May 20, THACO AGRI's Ia Puch Complex received 20 students majoring in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine from the School of Agriculture of Can Tho University as interns.


This is a good opportunity for the agricultural students to practice their skills. During the internship, students will be guided by the company staff on cattle breeding methods, genetic selection, cattle rearing and more.

The complex spans a total area of 1,907 hectares, home to over 900 employees. It is investing in crop production (grass and forestry trees), producing and raising beef cattle and breeding cows at a scale of over 40,000 heads, production of animal feeds and organic fertilizers.


Speaking at the exchange program, Dr. Lam Phuoc Thanh, the university's head of the Cattle breeding techniques lab, a lecturer of its Faculty of Livestock Production shared, “To improve our training in line with production practices, every year our university often sends students to spend their internship at different livestock farms. Hopefully, on this occasion, they will be able to make good use of the practical knowledge from IaPuch Complex in combination with their knowledge learned at school to better prepare for their work in future."

Master Le Thuy Trieu, a livestock director at Ia Puch Complex said, “We will create the best conditions so that the students can practice and develop their skills in a real working environment, earning their own firsthand experience. During the internship, the students are also provided with financial support, daily meals, free health care, and salaries for interns. We are always welcome to excellent students who would want to work with us afterwards. We have hopes that this would become the needed motivation for young people to strive and prove their abilities."