On April 22, the THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park organized the "KPI implementation" training course to improve knowledge and skills in KPI-based management for 210 managing executives at companies, units and departments of THACO INDUSTRIES and THILOGI.


Participating in the training course, the learners were taught by Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri, the HR Director of THACO Chu Lai knowledge about the company's 2023 KPI action plan and KPI Management at THACO and Sub-holdings. He also pointed out the problems and difficulties during applying KPIs to production, business and management to seek optimal solutions which are suitable to each company, unit and department.


The course wanted to help employees understand KPIs and effective KPI building methods, methods and tools in implementing the KPI program to make it easier to monitor the progress, and then making timely adjustments to improve the working performance for each company, unit, and department.