On November 8, comrade Sonexay Siphandone, Laos Prime Minister and his high-level delegation visited the HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex. Accompanying the delegation were leaders of governmental departments and Attapeu province. THACO AGRI President Tran Bao Son and the company leaders welcomed the delegation.


At the meeting, Mr. Tran Bao Son expressed his honor to welcome the Laos' Prime Minister at HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex. This event also served as a gesture of appreciation for the Complex's employees, including those from Laos. Additionally, the company executive took the opportunity to brief the Prime Minister and the delegation on THACO's ongoing and future investment, production, and business activities in Laos.


Laos Prime Minister in the working session with THACO AGRI leaders

During the meeting, Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone expressed his gratitude to THACO Group for its investment in the country, which has enhanced the current projects' efficiency and paved the way for continued growth. He reaffirmed the Laotian Government's support to facilitate THACO's future endeavors. Additionally, the Prime Minister requested THACO's assistance in using water resources from the Sekong River to serve ongoing projects and developing diversified agricultural development for the people of Sanamxay district, Attapeu province.


Laos Prime Minister and delegates are visiting semi-intensive cattle farms at BSA1 Cattle Breeding Factory

On this occasion, Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone and his delegation had a field trip to the BSA1 Cattle Breeding Factory.