From the beginning of the year, THACO MAZDA Plant has launched 238 improvement projects, saving VND1.9 billion in costs and improving production management.

Specifically, the factory is paying more attention to improving automation in machines and equipment, which is deemed the "key" to increase productivity, product quality, technology in smart production development. The prominent projects were connecting the RFID (radio frequency identification) system data for inspection equipment in the ALC (Auto Line Control) system and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system on the production line, or improving conveyor's operating system.


The "Connecting RFID system data for inspection equipment in the ALC/SCADA project" was implemented by Mr. Nguyen Tri Dat, the Deputy Head of the plant's Technology Department and his team. The research team used the RFID system to record the chassis quantity and send the info to the inspection device, instead of to the barcode scanner, and developed software to convert signals from RFID to FORI software via TCP/IP, a type of data transmission to solve the incompatibility between systems. The project has helped to reduce labor and barcode scanning time, improve productivity and automation on the line, save VND1.2 billion in software upgrade costs.

In another project, the "Automated slide frame turning system" was carried out by Mr. Nguyen Thanh Van, Head of the Maintenance team. The project has improved the installation of body detection sensors and written program on the PLC for the conveyor system to automate this process. Now, when the operator enters the chassis information on the screen, the system will automatically deliver the painted body to THACO KIA and THACO LUXURY until the required quantity is reached. The project has reduced manual work and operating time, saving more than VND50 million in production costs in 2023.


In the coming time, THACO MAZDA Plant will test other projects: Developing energy management software; Energy-saving solutions for air compressors, cooling systems... to improve production quality and efficiency, and create a convenient and safe working environment.