THACO President: "New production methods and technology save THACO over VND70 billion annually"


Vietnam's Ministry of Science and Technology held a combined celebration in Hanoi from May 15-16, marking the national Science and Technology Day, the Ministry's 65th anniversary, and the 2024 Ta Quang Buu Awards.

THACO promotes investment and business activities in Myanmar


The Vietnam-Myanmar Friendship Association (VMFA) and the Myanmar-Vietnam Friendship Association (MVFA) joined forces to host a business meeting in Hanoi on May 13. This event aimed to connect Vietnamese and Myanmar businesses, fostering new trade partnerships and laying the groundwork for a prosperous future collaboration.

THADIDESIGN organizes "Revit modeling” seminar


THADIDESIGN recently organized a seminar on "Revit modeling" for the integrated Representative Office and Car Showroom project in Da Lat City. Key personnel were in attendance, including the Head of the Project Executive Board and representatives from various THADIDESIGN departments with relevant expertise.

THACO sponsors "Quang Nam Students" for 7 consecutive years


THACO serves as the main sponsor for the 7th season of "Quang Nam Students" TV show, which kicks off with an Opening Ceremony on May 12. The event is organized by the Quang Nam Provincial Department of Education and Training in collaboration with the Provincial Radio and Television Station.