Blood donation is not just a noble act but a hope provider for patients in need of blood for treatment. For THACO employees who donated blood on November 22 at the Ho Chi Minh City Office, each donation represents a chance to spread happiness, share compassion, and manifest love. THACO's annual Blood Donation initiative has consistently garnered enthusiastic participation from employees from THACO and Sub-holdings. Over 16 years, thousands of blood units have been collected, spreading love and providing strength to those facing challenges.

Blood Donation 2023 at THACO Ho Chi Minh City Office has been collecting nearly 500 blood units. The program was held in two phases, with the first phase taking place on July 11. Over 200 employees participated in the second phase, contributing more than 300 blood units. This initiative not only fulfills a societal responsibility but also brings immense joy to each participating employee

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Despite facing multiple rejections for blood donation, Mr. Hoang Viet Thanh, an employee of THADICO Mineral and Renewable Energy Department, remains undeterred in his commitment to this cause. "I have registered five times to donate blood through the THADICO Blood Donation, but this is only the third time I have been successful," Mr. Thanh shared. "I emphasize 'successful' because the AB Rh+ blood type is not in high demand, and rejections are common. However, I don't let that discourage me. My motto is 'One drop of blood given, one life stays,' so I keep registering to donate blood, hoping to help those in need."

Having witnessed the power of blood transfusions firsthand, Ms. Huyen Trang from SALA Service Company has profoundly understood the importance of blood donation. She shares, "My relatives have faced illnesses and relied on blood transfusions for treatment. So I deeply understand the significance of blood donation and am committed to contributing."


Among the early birds at this blood donation was Mr. Tran Xuan Hieu from THACO AUTO Passenger Car Equipment Department. He said: “I find immense joy in donating blood, knowing that my contribution can bring hope and healing to someone in need. I also prioritize keeping myself healthy to meet the blood donation criteria and set a positive example for our youth, encouraging them to join.” Working at THACO AUTO for over 3 years, Mr. Hieu has donated blood five times, participating in all phases of THACO Blood Donation this year.

Despite battling low blood pressure, Ms. Phan Thi Thom, an employee of THADICO Project Estimation Department, has found the courage to join blood donation. "My family told me to limit blood donation activities due to my low blood pressure," she shared. "I also had some concerns and hesitations when registering. However, the thought of helping patients in need motivated me to overcome my fears." So she diligently maintained a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a balanced diet, and "strictly adhered to the regulations set by the blood donation", she emphasized.


The THACO Blood Donation 2023 program has garnered the participation of 2,875 employees from THACO and Sub-holdings, among which 2,274 were eligible for blood donation. As of Nov. 24, the program has successfully collected 2,605 blood units to the blood bank.