To improve knowledge and skills for the new staff, in May, the Specialized Equipment Plant gave training courses on welding and painting skills for more than 70 employees.

The "Basic MAG welding techniques” course had 50 students, focusing on teaching MAG principles, how to use MAG welding tools and equipment, material selection, MAG welding techniques at positions 1F, 1G, 2F, and safety regulations... On the other hand, practice was also carried out, for example making welds from 1F to 1G, weld quality control, and fixes the weld defects and so on.


Meanwhile, participating in the training course "Surface treatment and spray painting skills", more than 20 trainees were introduced to surface treatment processes, how to use equipment to treat and paint the surfaces, at the same time joining practices to treat surfaces, spray paint for each type of product, check and fix errors after painting, etc.

After each course, students participated in a practice assessment test to check their qualification for the job. Based on the test results, the factory will consider adjusting the training content and process to improve its quality.


In the coming time, the factory will continue to provide other training courses for employees, such as basic TIG welding, advanced MAG welding, ISO 14001 environmental management system, logical thinking, product lineup, factory processes and regulations, etc. to improve staff skills and competency, increasing productivity, product quality and efficiency.