In THACO's 2024 Year Opening Ceremony in Chu Lai, Quang Nam Party Secretary Luong Nguyen Minh Triet graced the event and sent congratulations on THACO's recent achievements. Following are the full proceedings of his address at the event.


Good morning:

- Leaders and former leaders of Quang Nam province,

- THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong and leaders, experts, and employees at Chu Lai and other offices nationwide,

- Distinguished guests,

Today, in the exciting and joyful atmosphere of the first morning of year 2024, I and leaders of Quang Nam province are very happy to attend and witness THACO's Year Opening Ceremony. On behalf of the Provincial Party Standing Committee and authorities, I extend my warm greetings to the THACO Board of Directors, experts, staff, and nearly 14,000 workers at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park. I wish you all a successful and prosperous year ahead.

Leaders and distinguished guests,

In recognition of THACO's achievements during 2023, the Chairman of Quang Nam People's Committee commended the company's efforts and results at a recent year-end ceremony. While acknowledging that some goals fell short, the Chairman highlighted THACO's proactive approach, its ability to overcome challenges, and its strong internal spirit. These factors, coupled with the dedicated work of leadership, employees, and workers, led to significant successes in production, business, and job creation. Notably, all six of THACO's businesses exhibited sustainable growth, expanding in scale, improving quality, and incorporating smart technologies. These achievements have made a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of the province, solidifying THACO's position as a leader in the country.

Over the past year, THACO has made significant strides in its multi-industry strategy, laying a strong foundation across key national sectors. Notably, THACO Chu Lai is now embarking on a new investment and development cycle, aiming to build a next-generation multi-industry ecosystem. This ecosystem has the potential to serve as a model not just for Quang Nam, but for the entire Central Key Economic Region, fostering connections with other regions within Vietnam and neighboring countries like Laos and Cambodia. I commend THACO's remarkable philosophy of 'creating true values' – offering customers and society genuine benefits through high-quality products and services. This commitment, fueled by the hard work and creativity of THACO's leadership and employees, sets an admirable example.

For Quang Nam, THACO's contributions to the province's socio-economic development have been truly extraordinary. On behalf of the provincial leadership, I want to express our deepest gratitude, recognition, and congratulations for the unwavering determination, tireless efforts, and remarkable achievements of THACO's leadership, staff, and employees.

Ladies and gentlemen!

While new opportunities await in the new year, we must also acknowledge the difficulties and challenges ahead. Both internal limitations and global conditions pose risks to economic stability, energy security, and social well-being. To overcome these hurdles, the national political system and business community, as well as Quang Nam province at all levels and sectors, must work together. Our priorities should be streamlining business operations, supporting growth, enhancing the investment environment, encouraging startup innovation, and embracing administration reforms and digital transformation.

Prime Minister's approval of the Quang Nam's 2021-2030 plan, with its vision to 2050. The plan outlines key goals for Quang Nam, including: shifting towards a circular, automated, and specialized industrial economy, boosting the role of processing and manufacturing as the economic backbone, fostering growth in the auto manufacturing and assembly sector, alongside mechanical, electrical, and electronic products, establishing a national hub for multi-purpose machinery and automobiles, supported by robust logistics infrastructure, prioritizing high-tech, high-value industries with significant budgetary contributions. With its expertise and commitment, THACO is not only well-positioned to benefit from these developments but also serves as a key enterprise, actively driving the province's progress towards realizing these goals.

The Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee wholeheartedly endorse THACO's 2024 Message and the focused goals outlined for each Sub-holding. The unwavering determination and specific targets set by each Sub-holding inspire confidence in their ability to achieve ambitious results. We urge THACO's leadership and employees to effectively leverage internal resources for maximum impact, embrace continuous innovation to stay ahead of the curve, develop adaptable strategies and roadmaps to navigate economic uncertainties, rigorously implement planned goals and continue scaling up operations, further refine the multi-industry corporation model for enhanced integration and complementarity.

With deep integration and strong production, management, and social responsibility, key enterprises like THACO are poised to play a leading role in our region's future. I believe THACO can empower local SMEs by facilitating their participation in value chains, building a thriving business ecosystem within Chu Lai and seizing opportunities arising from supply chain diversification and make Chu Lai and Quang Nam attractive investment destinations, and collaborating with the province to achieve our vision of a well-developed Quang Nam and a key growth driver for Central Vietnam by 2030.

As THACO embarks on your next phase of growth, provincial leaders, sectors, and localities stand ready to provide ongoing support and create the most favorable conditions possible for the Group's continued investment and business development.

I join in wishing all delegates good health, happiness, and success in the year ahead. To the THACO Board, officers, and employees, I extend my warmest wishes for a new year brimming with energy, optimism, and the determination to achieve even greater heights.

Happy New Year with new spirit, new aspirations and new success!

Thank you very much!