On April 29 and 30, the Koun Mom and Rat-Oyadav Complexes in Cambodia of THACO AGRI organized a Sports Festival to celebrate the Vietnam's Reunification Day (April 30) and the International Labor Day (May 1).

The event attracted more than 200 players from the two complexes to compete in 6 events in 4 sports, including Men's and Women's Football, Men's and Women's Tug of War, folk games and chess.


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Le Thanh Hoang, General Director of Koun Mom Complex, said, "The sports festival aims to enhance the spirit of solidarity, exchange and learning among employees at Koun Mom and Rat-Oyadav Complexes. From there, THACO's cultural values are upheld, contributing to building a "Civil and Convenient" working environment."

Doan Quoc Vuong, a player from Koun Mom noted, "The festival has created a healthy playground which can help us exercise more, connect with new friends, and enjoy the joyful atmosphere in the community. During the holidays, we were very excited and enjoyed ourselves in the games."


After two days of exciting competitions, the games came to a close. Finally, the first prizes of Men's Football, Women's Football and Women's Tug of War belonged to LumPhat Office. The first prize in Men's Tug of War was awarded to Farm LP4. The first prize in Folk games went to the Andong Meas team and the chess first prize to Do Tan Truong (AD1 Farm).