On October 28, THACO AGRI cooperated with Tra Vinh University to organize a Labor Counseling and Recruitment Workshop at Tra Vinh University, attracting over 200 students.


At the event, THACO AGRI HR Director in Cambodia, Mr. Do The Trinh, introduced the company's projects, business scale, policies, working environment, regulations, and employment conditions. He also shared available positions for candidates and highlighted the presence of Tra Vinh University alumni in significant roles at THACO AGRI.


Also, Tra Vinh University Vice Rector, Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia thanked THACO AGRI for their ongoing training, internship opportunities, and recruitment of human resources from the university. He expressed commitment to strengthening the partnership and promoting student engagement with THACO AGRI complexes.


The THACO AGRI representative also answered questions related to policies and regulations of foreign labor for Tra Vinh University’s students.

THACO AGRI is actively recruiting students from universities and colleges in neighboring regions of its complexes in Cambodia, focusing on majors such as agriculture, veterinary medicine, engineering, economics, business administration, office administration, law, and the Cambodian language.