Donating blood is meaningful in providing more supply to the community. Embracing such spirit, on Sept. 15, THACO AGRI cooperated with the Department of Hematology and Blood Transfusion of Gia Lai General Hospital to organize the 2022 blood donation for employees at Gia Lai Office.

The program witnessed enthusiastic participation of nearly 100 employees from THACO AGRI and THADICONS companies at the Gia Lai office. After health screening and blood tests, 64 were eligible, whose donations were added to the blood reserve of Gia Lai General Hospital to treat patients in need.



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In this blood donation, Mr. Vo Do Nhat Linh from Import-Export Department, Sales Department of THACO AGRI shared, “I have donated blood since I was a student. This is my 10th donation. I am proud to do this with other staff members of THACO AGRI.