In the past week, from Jan. 10 to 16, THACO, its sub-holdings and affiliated units including THACO AUTO Chu Lai, THACO AGRI, THACO INDUSTRIES, THILOGI, Thiso Retail and THADICO organized their 2023 Business Plan conferences in Ho Chi Minh City, Gia Lai and Chu Lai, Quang Nam.

THACO Head Office – Focus on orienting, supervising, training and supporting sub-holdings 

On Jan. 16, at ThiskyHall Sala Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, THACO Head Office organized its 2023 Plan Conference to report and evaluate 2022 outcomes and set plans and goals for 2023.


Attending the meeting were THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong, THACO Standing Vice Chairman Nguyen Hung Minh, THACO President Pham Van Tai and more than 100 leaders and potential leaders from THACO's Operation Management departments.

In 2022, following Chairman's directions, leaders and staff of the operation management departments at THACO Head Office have constantly been making efforts and actively promoted the important role in advising, supervising, supporting and training for sub-holdings to build solid foundations for the new journey with new state of mind.

According to THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong, for a large enterprise, the operations departments play a very important job. THACO Head Office is taking charge of general operations, including system management, strategy, planning, marketing, corporation culture and communication. Besides, the administration and management in terms of finance, investment, corporate governance is done in systematic processes, at the same time exhibiting optimal efficiency by controlling all functions of the Group, handling risks but not limited in operational capacity. The Chairman was pleased that THACO now has the conditions to operate a clear development strategy in the new period with systematic management methods.

THACO Chairman emphasized: As a multi-industry corporation, on our new journey from 2023 onwards, THACO Head Office must fulfill its function to become the governance apparatus for all subholdings. Accordingly, the Head Office must be able to do its management roles as well as advise both THACO leaders and sub-holdings in their governance and support them in organizing training activities. In particular, leaders need to pay more attention to both solving problems and conveying the right mindset and vision, helping employees THACO Chairman emphasized: As a multi-industry corporation, on our new journey from 2023 onwards, THACO Head Office must fulfill its function to become the governance apparatus for all subholdings. Accordingly, the Head Office must be able to do its management roles as well as advise both THACO leaders and sub-holdings in their governance and support them in organizing training activities. In particular, leaders need to pay more attention to both solving problems and conveying the right mindset and vision, helping employees grow comprehensively and keep the "fire" of dedication burning.

THACO AGRI – Taking the lead in forming a sustainable agricultural production model

Previously, on Jan. 10, THACO AGRI held its 2023 Business Plan Conference at its Gia Lai office.


THACO AGRI has been investing heavily to build a large-scale organic agricultural production model which applies industrial management methods, mechanization, biotechnology and digitization throughout the value chain according to an appropriate roadmap.

In 2023, THACO AGRI will form an integrated and cyclical ecosystem, including fruit trees (bananas, pineapples, mangos...), livestock (cattle, pigs, and fish), fresh and processed products for domestic and global markets. In Chu Lai, the Agro-Forestry Industrial Park focuses on fruit and forest products; meanwhile the IP in Thai Binh province will produce rice-related products. In the coming time, THACO AGRI will be determined with the set strategy to pioneer in forming a more effective and sustainable agricultural production model, thereby enhancing the Vietnamese agricultural sector.

At the conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong directed, THACO AGRI needed to review the 2023 plans in terms of feasibility. It is necessary to review the overall capacity and workload, especially at complexes in Laos which need to divide into subdivisions and respective workforce, Attapeu, Nam Vong Sekong, Sekong. And in Cambodia, the 3 complexes in Snuol, Koun mom, Rat Oyd are also to be divided for easier management. KPIs will be standardized at the complexes. Besides, each complex will be under evaluation to have a proper plan in 2023. Enterprise management must be synchronized. In 2023, employees' well-being will also be taken good care good. KPIs are also applied for each employee, department and unit. Furthermore, costs on electricity system will be recalculated.

THACO INDUSTRIES - Detailed strategy and standardize management based on specialization and integration

Likewise, on Jan. 11, THACO INDUSTRIES held its 2023 Business Plan Conference.


Anticipating the shifts of supply chain to Vietnam and ASEAN region and coming business opportunities, in 2023, THACO INDUSTRIES implements different key plans to improve its operation efficiency and revenue growth.

The corporation will focus on R&D, especially on its key products: semi-trailers, mechanical products, components, electronic parts. Especially, it will expand exports to major markets such as the U.S., Australia, Germany, France, Poland… to increase revenues and participate more deeply in the global supply chain, study to apply technology, IT and digital transformation solutions in a fast and appropriate roadmap to increase business efficiency.

Regarding investment, THACO INDUSTRIES continues its current projects, including expansion of the assembly workshop at Plastic Plant, the R&D Center, Wood Complex, and Passenger Car Glass Plant. It also studies the feasibility of other potential projects, namely Mechanics and Supporting Industries Center in southern Vietnam, Exported Auto Parts Plant.

In management, the firm keeps on building and upgrading its management apparatus: ensure decentralization in the entire structure from Holding to subsidiaries, enhance the role of operations departments in consulting, supporting, and training and supervising production and business activities, apply KPIs to evaluate working performance in a more proper way to improve its operational efficiency.

Speaking at the conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong pointed out the key tasks of THACO INDUSTRIES, i.e. setting detail-oriented strategies and standardizing management methods based on specialization and integration, building comprehensive accounting, legal and financial system to limit risks, reviewing investment plans, taking business with external customers as the main goal. The Chairman also requested the firm to apply close monitor on its operations, have good market insights to have timely adjustments and sound orientations to achieve the best outcomes.

THILOGI – Turning the core strategy into specific and practical strategies

On the same day, THILOGI held its 2023 Business Plan Conference with the attendance of THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong.


In 2023, THILOGI will promote its forwarding services, work with shipping lines to expand its sources of imports and exports through Chu Lai Port, upgrade quality, control logistics costs throughout the service chain, meet the transport demands and effectively support other sub-holdings in THACO ecosystem. Its ongoing projects - the 50,000-ton terminal, Cua Lo channel, planning of Tam Hoa Port and non-tariff zone will continue their implementation.

Besides, upholding the goal to become an independent business of THACO, THILOGI makes efforts in upgrading its structure to aim at more effective operations, applying digital technology in operations, managing human resources, productivity, KPIs in line with the industry requirements.

Speaking at the conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong noted, THILOGI is entering a new journey from seeking to remove bottlenecks in local transportation to making its own business. At present, logistics in Chu Lai has become a key task for the economic development of Quang Nam in particular and Central Vietnam in general with a focus on container cargos. Chu Lai Port need to cooperate with neighboring ports to balance logistics costs in the Central region with those in the North and the South.

The Chairman emphasized: In 2023, THILOGI will exhibit quick growth, so it is necessary to harness the management structure from the beginning, turning the core strategy into specific and practical strategies, especially on human development.

THACO Chu Lai develops newgeneration multi-industry ecosystem

In Chu Lai, THACO Chu Lai held its own 2023 Business Plan Conference.


In 2022, despite unpredictable changes in the global and national economies, THACO Chu Lai still managed to overcome difficulties, boost production and business, and continue to protect its position in the Vietnamese market, and expand exports.

In auto making, THACO AUTO launched diverse new products to meet customer needs, leading the domestic market with more than 111,400 vehicles sold. Meanwhile, THACO also made big investment to develop mechanics and supporting industries on a large scale, i.e. commencing construction of the R&D Center and inaugurating the Mechanical Center with the leading scale in Vietnam. Its revenues reached more than VND11,000 billion, including more than VND4,300 billion in exports. In 2022, the throughput at Chu Lai Port totaled nearly 4 million tons, up 33% compared to 2021. THACO Chu Lai paid more than VND29,500 billion in taxes, of which more than VND24,600 billion were contributed in Quang Nam.

In 2023, THACO will continue to follow the strategy to become the leading multi-industry corporation in ASEAN. Accordingly, THACO Chu Lai enters a new cycle of investment and development, which is becoming THACO's new-generation multi-industry ecosystem in Chu Lai on the basis of industrial management, green, smart and sustainable development.

THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong emphasized, in 2023, THACO Chu Lai would enter a new investment cycle on a larger scale, multiple industries and to build solid foundations for the economy of Quang Nam in particular and the Central region in general. Once the ecosystem at THACO Chu Lai is formed, it will create great development opportunities for Chu Lai New Economic Zone, and likewise, Quang Nam will have its own room for further development.

On this occasion, to recognize excellence in production and business at THACO Chu Lai, THACO Chu Lai leaders rewarded 9 teams of the year and 36 employees of the year in 2022.

THACO AUTO Chu Lai - On-time, onstrategy lean production

On Jan. 12, THACO AUTO Chu Lai held its 2023 Plan Conference. Mr. Nguyen Quang Bao, THACO AUTO President attended the event and delivered his speech.


Following THACO AUTO's management strategy and orientation, THACO AUTO Chu Lai continues to focus on R&D activities, invest and upgrade automated production lines to produce vehicles of different brands, meet the required outputs, organize (input) distribution activities in Chu Lai, and manage vehicle costs at each production stage and financial operations. In addition, THACO AUTO Chu Lai keeps on completing its operations departments and structure, regulations, processes, training, and monitoring compliance at companies and factories, develop positive, dynamic, creative staff members, and nurture strategic leaders to meeting THACO's strategy.

In 2023, THACO AUTO Chu Lai will apply the KPI system, continue the digital transformation throughout the value chain as planned to meet customization requirements, upgrade and develop software to serve production and management needs.

THACO AUTO President Nguyen Quang Bao emphasized, “In 2023, THACO AUTO Chu Lai will pay more attention to develop the retail system as a foundation for production and R&D to make new products with on-time and on-strategy lean production. Regarding production and distribution in Chu Lai, each unit must have administrative documents to control and manage production on daily, monthly and regular basis. This year, we introduce the KPIs system to evaluate the performance of each unit and individual. This is a crucial responsibility of leaders and managers, so you have to be confident enough to know how to control and register goals with careful calculations and solid grounds to achieve the best outcomes."

THADICO & THISO – Keeping values true and sustainable

In the afternoon of the same day, THADICO and THISO held their conference at ThiskyHall Sala. In 2022, in the face of disruptions in construction area, with determination and perseverance with its own vision, mission, and strategy, THADICO has basically completed its resources and management capacity, contributing to the development of key projects of Ho Chi Minh City and provinces across the country.


In 2023, THADICO's business of residential real estates, space leasing, commercial complex real estates will be transferred to THISO's management. On the other hand, it will take charge of construction-related activities including design, project management, construction supervision, construction for other sub-holdings and THACO.

Speaking at conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong said 2023 was the starting year for THACO's new development phase, the first year to return to the basics of construction investment to start a new journey. Moreover, he hoped to see more systematic management throughout the corporation to control all work, ensuring nice architecture works in terms of design, functionality, quality, costs. Especially, all construction must have real and practical values, bringing sustainability and contributions to local and national economic development.

Thiso Retail – Building culture and business strategy

“Not only at this conference, we also need to try to pursue the 2023 goals and the years to come to turn Thiso Retail into an efficient and well-managed corporation with well-trained staff and distinctive culture and identity", THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong said at Thiso Retail's 2023 Business Plan Conference at Thiskyhall Sala Convention Center on Jan. 13.


In 2022, despite economic fluctuations, Thiso Retail still succeeded to achieve positive business results. After Emart Go Vap, Thiso Retail put into operation the second supermarket, Emart Sala and continued to follow the store chain model. The corporation also recruited and train leaders to meet development needs and stay in line with THACO's standards as well as the demands of the retail industry.

Speaking at the conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong pointed out three key points that Thiso Retail needs to pay attention to in 2023, including:

Developing plans to build Thiso Retail's culture that focuses on services, and build effective business strategies.

Developing human resources from the inside and from the bottom level to match Thiso Retail - Emart Vietnam's expansion strategy in the future to ensure that there are HR strategies and plans at hand once the new stores are put into operation. Improve the operational effectiveness between Thiso Retail - Emart Inc. with THACO and other sub-holdings to bring the highest benefits to customers.

In addition, this year, Thiso Retail also needs to apply KPIs for each unit and each department.