On July 14 and 15, THACO AUTO organized the Business Plan Conference for Third Quarter and Second Half of 2023 in Southern and Northern Vietnam. Attending the conference were leaders of THACO AUTO, sales departments, regional branches, executives and potential leaders of companies in the two regions.


At the meeting, THACO AUTO Standing Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Thien My presented 2 main things, first, the company strategy in 2023-2025, second, the growth engine strategy to overcome challenges from the current market, including: developing new brands, diversifying product segments and target customers, developing a wider retail system to increase convenience in customer service and give more difference in its retail models, by operating the Truck & Bus Center, Passenger Car Showroom Complex, Car Showroom and Commercial Service Complex, in line with the integration and complementarity in THACO's multi-industry ecosystem.


On the other hand, management in the second half of 2023 is a fundamental requirement to meet the committed goals, including upgrading management, adding qualified talents to the workforce, managing retail operations closely across system, to fulfill the 3-year strategy. The company also announced newly-appointed Directors at the provincial companies, emphasizing the role of leadership in the new development period, managing company operations in compliance with THACO AUTO regulations and the Vietnamese laws.