Faced with increasing requirements for automation in production and business, THACO AUTO Chu Lai has been promoting digital transformation quickly and appropriately, deploying information technology integration solutions to change its operation and management ways, contributing to improved competitiveness, and bolstering the development of smart production.

Comprehensive digital transformation

Acknowledging technological innovation and digital transformation the "keys" to increase productivity, product quality and competitive advantages in the global integration, THACO AUTO Chu Lai has implemented an abundance of technology solutions, built its digital infrastructure, created a digital environment to effectively control the value chain, meeting the global management standards of international car brands.


The most prominent is the digitalized production management system integrated with Bravo, DDMS management system, e-signatures, test equipment data, Barcode, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The system controls the entire value chain from management of materials and components to production progress, product quality and vehicle delivery. It also allows the digitization of all records related to the production process, including technical drawings, inspection reports, specifications and working processes, making it easy to trace CKD components assembled on each vehicle and real-time vehicle production history, increasing activeness and flexibility in management in companies and factories, minimizing waste, improving product quality and promptly responding to market requirements.

Besides, THACO AUTO Chu Lai has developed and put into application the eOffice system, which fully integrates features for work operations and cooperation. All records and reports are created, processed and stored on a digital platform. In particular, the eOffice integrates the e-signature feature that has resulted in more convenient and time-saving submission for approval in compliance with regulations and processes. At the same time, the system also focuses on synthesizing and analyzing information from all activities of companies and factories to create smart data reports quickly and timely to serve work and decision making of the Board of Directors and improve efficiency at companies and factories.

Smart and sustainable production development

With the goal to apply digital transformation in production, business to management, THACO AUTO Chu Lai has gradually formed a production line with smart management system throughout the value chain from ordering, production to distribution, meeting mass customization production, boosting the rate of automation in factories.

The company is applying new technologies in production, e.g. spot welding robotic arms, coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to weld quality measure, ED coating, wet on wet color paint, windshield adhesive robots, advanced chassis and drivetrain assembly technologies. It also deploys IoT, ALC/SCADA solutions to monitor the technical parameters and performance of the welding, painting, assembly and inspection lines to ensure efficiency, continuous operation, and quality control at each stage.


To build a Mix production model, i.e. a smart and flexible integrated production model to meet the diverse needs of customers, in the coming time, THACO AUTO Chu Lai will keep on upgrading its level of digital transformation and operate the Manufacturing execution system (MES) at its companies and factories. With the help of such system, all information about production operations, machines, resources, and products are centrally managed and coordinated continuously and efficiently. Also, based on the MES platform, THACO AUTO Chu Lai gradually integrates PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to plan resources in the best efficient way throughout the value chain, step by step achieving smart and sustainable production development.