Over two decades of dedicated effort, fueled by passion, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, have earned THACO AUTO a robust internal foundation but also a place of trust and respect among its valued customers.

In fulfilling its commitment to delivering exceptional products to customers, THACO AUTO workforce is dedicated to continuous improvement. Through ongoing skill development, innovative thinking, and a strong emphasis on discipline, the employees cultivate a unique set of qualities that embody the company's spirit of 'Dedication, Solidarity, and Creativity.'

“A dedicated serving spirit” - A core cultural value

At THACO AUTO, customer satisfaction and trust are paramount, guiding the actions of all employees regardless of position. This commitment to exceeding customer expectations is a cornerstone of the company culture.

Dedication at THACO AUTO manifests in countless ways. It's the employee who takes ownership of their work, the one who treats every customer with genuine care, and the countless others who contribute through their everyday actions. These small acts of dedication are what truly resonate with customers and forge lasting bonds of trust.

With nearly a decade of experience at the Group, Ms. Nguyen Phung Bao Tram, the Head of THACO AUTO Khanh Hoa's Kia sales team has built relationships with thousands of car buyers. Her adaptability, tact, and relentless drive earned her the 2023 Excellent Employee title. "My passion lies in helping customers find the right car. In every interaction, I prioritize responsibility, thoughtfulness, and dedication to their needs," she said.

Guided by the motto "Each employee is a brand ambassador," THACO AUTO fosters a culture of ownership and continuous improvement. Team members are keenly aware of their roles, actively develop their skills, and support each other in achieving shared goals.

Ms. Nguyen Phung Bao Tram achieves the 2023 Excellent Employer title

 The unwavering dedication of the team has fueled THACO AUTO's success, including the Southeast Asia Customer Care Service Excellence Award, the Mazda "Increase Market Share" award, and recognition for outstanding Sales Consultants and Agents in 2023.

Solidarity creates collective strength

At THACO AUTO, a powerful sense of team spirit and solidarity fuels individual motivation, confidence, and a shared drive towards common goals. This, in turn, is the very foundation of the company's sustainable growth and success.

THACO AUTO Binh Duong's impressive results in 2023 showcase the power of their teamwork and commitment. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the numerous awards received, including recognition from the BMW and Peugeot brand customer satisfaction surveys and the "2023 Excellent Team" title for their Kia engine, chassis, and electrical technicians.

THACO AUTO Binh Duong team at the award ceremony

Mr. Bui Minh Thong, a Kia Binh Duong electric chassis technician said: "At THACO AUTO Binh Duong, I've been fortunate to learn from exceptional team leaders, deputy foremen, and colleagues. They're true professionals who generously share their knowledge, support my growth, and foster a collaborative environment."

The engine, chassis, and electrics team of Kia Binh Duong

Sharing the same opinion as Mr. Thong, Ms. Cao Thi Hang Nga, a BMW Customer Service Specialist at THACO AUTO Binh Duong shared: "THACO AUTO Binh Duong's success in 2023 is a testament to the combined efforts of our dedicated service consultants, professional repair technicians, and attentive waiting room staff.  Working together, we deliver exceptional customer service experiences. I'm incredibly proud to be part of such a dedicated team.”

Recognized as an "Excellent Team" in 2023, THACO AUTO Bac Ninh Passenger Vehicle Painting Team thrives on a collaborative spirit, proactive approach, and commitment to methodical, scientific work processes.

Passenger car painting team at THACO AUTO Bac Ninh

Mr. Nguyen Van Quan, a Paint and Repair Service Deputy Manager at THACO AUTO Bac Ninh eagerly said: "At our painting workshop, everyone plays a vital role. We collaborate and continuously improve together. Even when faced with a surge in workload, the team rallies around each other to ensure high-quality work and timely car deliveries for our customers. We truly embrace the spirit of "all hands on deck.""

Creativity – The driving force that creates development

In 2023 alone, nearly 1,500 employee-driven production improvement initiatives were implemented, resulting in cost savings exceeding VND 60 billion. Throughout the year, factory employees and teams actively identified opportunities and proposed solutions, with nearly 450 projects successfully completed.

Anh Nguyễn Đình Hưng - Phó phòng Kỹ thuật, nhà máy THACO Mazda tại Hội thi Sáng kiến - Cải tiến (Kaizen) Quý I/2024
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung - a Production Engineering Deputy Manager at the THACO Mazda Plant at the Kaizen Competition for Q1 2024

THACO AUTO's Production Division recently held a successful Kaizen (Innovation-Improvement) Competition for Q1 2024. The competition featured over 11 noteworthy project, and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung, a Production Engineering Deputy Manager at the THACO Mazda Plant, emerged as a winner with his initiative: "Monitoring and standardizing glass glue lines according to Japanese Mazda standards."

 “My factory experience revealed opportunities to streamline processes and reduce costs. By leveraging my accumulated knowledge and technical expertise, I've implemented several successful improvement projects. Each project's success fuels my passion to contribute even more to the Group's growth,” he shared.

In 2023 alone, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung implemented 15 improvement initiatives, saving more than VND3.7 billion for companies and units.

At THACO AUTO, "Dedication - Solidarity - Creativity" are core values that inspire passion, pride, and loyalty in every team member. By implementing effective human resource strategies, the company has built a team of highly skilled professionals who contribute to both the Group's success and the Vietnamese economy's overall growth.