Vietnam - In Feb. 2022, THACO AUTO continued to lead the market with a lion's share of 51.4% and 10,837 vehicles sold, an increase of 88% over the same period in 2021.

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During the month, Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers' Association (VAMA) members sold 21,100 vehicles, 63% higher than same period in 2021, but 29% lower than the month before.

Remarkably, THACO AUTO continued to lead with a market share of 51.4%, and sold 10,837 vehicles in total, including 8,570 passenger cars and 2,267 commercial vehicles, an year on year 88-percent increase. For the two first months of 2022, the Vietnamese automaker also had the highest sales of 22,213 vehicles, including 18,671 passenger cars and 3,542 commercial vehicles, taking up a 43.7% market share.

According to some experts, Feb. is often a difficult time for trading in the Vietnam's market as Tet holiday takes up part of the month. Besides, decreasing purchasing power and different models in short supply have caused consumption to drop.

As VAMA reported, despite the sales drop compared to last month, the total sales in Feb. gained a year-over-year 34% increase, in which passenger cars increased by 42%, commercial vehicles 4.7% and specialized vehicles 62%. Especially, KIA grew by more than 105% over last year, taking the top spot with 5,112 vehicles sold and 24.2% of market share, making great contributions to THACO AUTO's monthly sales.