On January 18, at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam's President Vo Van Thuong met 50 delegates representing over 2,000 characters in the "Kind Deeds" 2023 program of Vietnam Television, among whom was THACO President Pham Van Tai.

Vietnam President Vo Van Thuong, THACO President Pham Van Tai alongside other representatives in Good Deeds 2023 program

For over eight years, "Kind Deeds" on Vietnam Television has touched countless lives with over 2,200 inspiring stories of human kindness. This heartwarming program has painted a beautiful picture of Vietnam and its people as a nation with big hearts.

Speaking at the program, THACO President shared: "THACO has been honored to be a part of this journey since 2017.”Kind Deeds" has sparked trust and optimism in Vietnamese hearts. Capturing everyday acts of kindness, it paints a beautiful portrait of our society and inspires everyone to live a more positive life.”

THACO President Pham Van Tai is making a speech at the meeting

THACO President believes that the program's longevity will allow it to sow countless seeds of compassion, inspiring more volunteer projects and acts of love that ultimately cultivate a kinder community.


Beyond being good at business, THACO has established itself as a champion of social responsibility. Committed to giving back to the community, the company actively participates in various initiatives across education, health, social security, and even traffic safety. Since 2007, THACO has poured over VND2,800 billion into community activities, with a strong focus on education and social programs, e.g. "Road to Olympia", "Take Off", "Love Station” and especially “Kind Deeds”.