THACO Chu Lai recently participated in "High-quality training for automotive human resources" seminar organized by the University of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Tran Thanh Dat, General Secretary of HCM City Automobile and Dynamic Equipment Association, businesses, the University leaders, lecturers and students majoring in Automotive Mechanics, Automotive Mechatronics attended the event.

The seminar aimed to improve the quality of teaching and learning in automotive mechanics and mechatronics. During the event, the students were given necessary knowledge and skills. It was also an opportunity for students to interact with leading enterprises in the field, and to nurture close relationships between the university and the recruitment agencies.

Attending the event as an employer representative, Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri, the HR Director of THACO Chu Lai gave a talk about key skills to become an automotive engineer, and introduced the working environment, career development roadmap and recruitment criteria of the corporation. He said, “During the working process, we will have regular employee evaluation to encourage positive working attitudes, improve skillsand competence, and build appropriate development orientations, and adjusting salaries and bonuses. THACO employees need to show a learning spirit and a sense of responsibility. The most demanding criterion is attitude, while professional expertise accounts for only 25%.

Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri, THACO Chu Lai HR Director is making a speech at the seminar

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At the program, THACO Chu Lai representative also joined the panel at the graduation project defense, and interviewed to hire potential students. Among 74 students participating in the project defense, 20 were invited to work at the company as production engineers, quality control engineers, quality inspection engineers, and R&D engineers.



THACO is putting more money in expanding its scale to develop a multiindustry ecosystem, rev up production and business activities so its demand for high-quality work force is huge. The cooperation with universities in recruitment and training will be an opportunity to build quality technical staff members to meet its sustainable development requirements.