THACO College and Quang Nam Youth Vocational Training Center joined forces on May 4 by signing a Memorandum of Agreement. This collaboration focuses on developing vocational training programs and introducing promising career opportunities for young people in Chu Lai, aligning with THACO's overall development strategy in the region.

Đại diện Lãnh đạo 2 bên ký kết Biên bản thỏa thuận hợp tác về tuyển sinh đào tạo nghề và giới thiệu việc làm cho thanh niên
The two sides sign a Memorandum of Agreement on vocational training enrollment and recruitment for the local young people

According to the agreement, THACO College will provide information on relevant vocational training programs, job opportunities, and associated policies. This includes keeping recruitment information up-to-date, such as available positions, work locations, and employee benefits. Quang Nam Youth Vocational Training Center will coordinate with relevant organizations, including district unions, educational institutions, and businesses to manage enrollment and vocational training programs, while also promoting recruitment information through media channels.

The recruitment and training will focus on in-demand fields like agriculture, mechanics, and welding which align perfectly with the career aspirations of young people in the province, while also fulfilling the human resource needs of THACO AGRI farms and factories, as well as other businesses located within the THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park.

3. Mục tiêu hợp tác là tư vấn tuyển sinh, đào tạo, bố trí việc làm cho thanh niên tỉnh Quảng Nam
The cooperation aims to advice on enrollment, training, and job placement for young people in Quang Nam province

This collaborative training program will enhance the effectiveness of vocational training in Quang Nam, leading to the creation of stable jobs and increased earning potential for young people in the province. Additionally, THACO will gain access to highly qualified human resources for their Chu Lai operations, ultimately contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the local community.