Speaking at "Connecting for Success 2023" conference organized by Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education, THACO representative, Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri, Director of THACO Chu Lai highlighted the company's growth plans: "In alignment with the company's development strategy, THACO and Sub-holdings aim to recruit 11,000 technicians between 2023 and 2027 to meet the 15% annual increase in human resources demands (equivalent to 9,000 - 10,000 jobs each year).”

THACO representative, Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri received flower and medal from the program

The Automotive Engineering Technology, Machine Manufacturing Technology, and Control & Automation Technology fields account for the lion's share, 65%, requiring over 7,000 engineers. The remaining 35%, representing nearly 4,000 engineers, is spread across other areas.

To ensure an adequate supply of qualified and skilled personnel, THACO has implemented a comprehensive human resource development strategy encompassing recruitment, training, and management initiatives: prioritizing recruitment in areas where it has significant business and production investments, contributing to addressing labor shortages in the industry, building industrial workforces, upgrading HR management to meet growth strategies in each period.

THACO partners with local departments of education and training to provide career guidance to high school students, helping them choose universities and colleges that match their interests and THACO's business areas and ensuring they will have a job after graduation. THACO also actively participates in training activities with other education institutions, including internships, feedback on training programs, setting graduation benchmarks and cooperation in recruitment and retraining.

According to Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri, Human resource development is an essential pillar of THACO's growth and success, especially in the new period. The company has established a well-defined career development roadmap for engineers, ensuring a pipeline of talent to support its long-term vision. THACO also offers a suite of employee benefits to create supportive working environment.

THACO booth attracts many students to visit

As a leading enterprise, THACO is deeply committed to social responsible activities in healthcare, social security, and traffic safety. In particular, THACO strengthens its partnership with universities, academies and training facilities in scientific research and technology transfer, developing human resources to meet THACO's recruitment standards, providing internship opportunities and recruiting graduates, and granting academic scholarships.

On December 1, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education (UTE) brought together nearly 40 businesses for its "Connecting for Success 2023" program. THACO served as the gold sponsor of the event, facilitating recruitment and internship opportunities for the school students over the past time.

The program provides school students with opportunities to interact with large businesses. This interaction fosters more confident and knowledgeable students with better preparations for the professional realities. Students will also gain valuable insights into career opportunities, receive advice and answers from industry experts, and explore potential future development directions.