On Children's Day (June 1), THACO Corporate Culture and Communication Department coordinates with the company's Trade Union to organize a gift-giving program for employees' children. The program took place from May 26 to June 1 throughout THACO system, exhibiting the company care for its staff's well-being, one of the meaningful signatures in THACO culture.

THACO-tặng-gần-21.000-phần-quà-cho-con-CB-NV-nhân-dịp-Quốc-tế-Thiếu-nhi-1 THACO-tặng-gần-21.000-phần-quà-cho-con-CB-NV-nhân-dịp-Quốc-tế-Thiếu-nhi-2
THACO-tặng-gần-21.000-phần-quà-cho-con-CB-NV-nhân-dịp-Quốc-tế-Thiếu-nhi-2-1 THACO-tặng-gần-21.000-phần-quà-cho-con-CB-NV-nhân-dịp-Quốc-tế-Thiếu-nhi-5

At THACO and Sub-holdings, the Children's Day celebration is an annual activity to create an exchange playground for children and their parents. Nearly 21,000 gifts were given to staff's children on this day to send them encouragement and motivations in their life and study.

THACO-tặng-gần-21.000-phần-quà-cho-con-CB-NV-nhân-dịp-Quốc-tế-Thiếu-nhi-3 THACO-tặng-gần-21.000-phần-quà-cho-con-CB-NV-nhân-dịp-Quốc-tế-Thiếu-nhi-4 THACO-tặng-gần-21.000-phần-quà-cho-con-CB-NV-nhân-dịp-Quốc-tế-Thiếu-nhi-6

Notably, on this occasion, THACO AUTO's provincial companies organized different sorts of attractive and fun games for the children, such as quizzes, magic tricks, clowns, dance and more.