The exhibition, hosted by the Center for Industrial Development Support under the Ministry of Industry and Trade's Department of Industry, took place from Nov. 15 to 17.


The exhibition spanned 7,000 square meters, featuring nearly 300 booths representing approximately 250 domestic and international businesses, drawing in a remarkable 15,000 visitors. Businesses showcased their latest offerings in four key sectors: automotive manufacturing, electronics, high-tech industry, mechanical engineering and related industries. 


THACO INDUSTRIES made a dynamic presence at VIMEXPO 2023, themed "Vietnam's No. 1 OEM Manufacturer - Pioneer in Mechanical Engineering and Supporting Industries." The company showcased its cutting-edge products, including automated welding robots combined with rotating jigs for dashboard frames, autonomous mobile robots, and a diverse array of mechanical products such as molds for left and right car front seats, plastic parts, precision mechanical parts, snow blower covers, and lawn mower floors. Additionally, THACO INDUSTRIES highlighted its expertise in component and spare part manufacturing, presenting high-speed train seats, pickup truck ventilation pipes, and motorbike front shields, leaf springs for commercial vehicles, and localized components and spare parts for passenger cars. 


THACO INDUSTRIES used the occasion as an effective way to showcase its brand, production capabilities, and foster connections with domestic and global businesses, thereby expanding its production chain, reinforcing its position as Vietnam's leading OEM manufacturer and supplier, firmly establishing its presence in the global supply chain. The company also demonstrated its commitment to supporting SMEs' integration into the production chain, contributing significantly to the growth of Vietnam's mechanical manufacturing and supporting industries.


Within the framework of the exhibition, there are also a series of activities such as: seminars "Guide to accessing the US market for Vietnamese industrial SMEs", "Business Matching", and "Sustainable supply chain: A new approach for Enterprises", and technology showcase.