To improve the governance competence in adapting to constant changes in the business environment, on Sep. 17, THACO INDUSTRIES held a seminar on "Change Management" for nearly 80 senior executives at companies, units, departments and divisions under the sub-holding.

The training was delivered by Mr. Do Minh Tam, the Sub-holding President with open conversations to encourage employees to freely discuss topics around What is Change Management?, market development over the time, requirements to change to keep up with the trends, change management methods and their role in the success of the business; how to apply change management to work and life...

The training session is delivered by Mr. Do Minh Tam - THACO INDUSTRIES President
Change management training The training session is delivered by Mr. Do Minh Tam

Mr. Do Minh Tam stressed, “Change is inevitable. People make changes and must be able to manage changes. In the face of volatile business environment, each leader must become a "source of solutions" who makes timely decisions to adjust plans and strategies appropriately and properly to help businesses reduce risks and improve business efficiency.” He also encouraged the executives to make creative and innovative efforts, focusing on upgrading management to improve productivity, product quality, reduce costs and meet market requirements.